I have a few questions for the game masters

Few questions If I would like a game manager to Take back some of my islands that I didn’t know that I didn’t need when I 1st started late put the fog back on it is that possible Also I was wondering if you guys ever plan on making a separate branch so you can get some of the Evolve stones we may have missed along with slake event pictures I personally was wondering how I could purchase the Celestial male Warrior the gif one… Am also curious if you guys ever plan on During an event me another branch where you can get some eggs from past events for newer people? It would. Be nice if that could be a Possibility please respond

sincerely green

  1. Cleared fog won’t have any negative impacts, just don’t put towers on the cleared areas.
  2. No old evo stones/avatars. It’s frequently asked.

Also, consider reading the FAQ:


I have ocd and i just Recently found out that the last 2 Islands should never have been clear But I did not know that but because I have OCD I have to fill them up so i was hoping they could cover the last two as far as the avi pics There’s no way to unlock them because you still have them in the viewing when you change your profile picture? Do you think you might be releasing the celestial Warrior anytime soon because all the male pictures dont look good… 2 things i really want is my islands with the fog back because of my My OCD and obviously the avatar pictures kind of out of the question but the islands with the fog is that is doable I would greatly appreciate it. Sincerely greetin

There is no way to get the fog back, however if you don’t have any towers on it, to other players it will look like there is fog on it.

Oh thank you (:smile: that makes me feel batter

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