I have a perch question

I’m kinda confused on how the damage for the perch is figured out. I thought it depended on perch level and dragon attack power but apparently not? I’m just wondering if I have this right or not?

Also why is there a limit on how short my title can be? Like wtf Perch question isn’t a good enough title smh

Perch damage is calculated like this:

Highest expert or capped Devine which has comparable stats like an lineage dragon which is eligible gives max damage.

Leveling perches increases that. Runes and boosts have no effect on this

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Ahh okay but why is nightshade my second highest dragon on the perch when he’s not even close to my highest power drag? The number next to the flame thing is how much damage they do right?

Yes. Nightshade can be expert at lv 30 while Aster and snowdrop are expert at lv 50/45.

This is part of the calculation. That’s why I said experts are the way to go on perches.

Ohhhh okay I understand now, okay yea that
makes sense thanks!

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