I have a suggestion or 5 .. sink the pirates!

Remove ALL glory from teams that don’t have any castles. Given them some incentive to not be stinking, soul stealing pirates. If they want glory, they should get themselves a castle and defend it like all those who have to put up with their irritating sniping have to do.

The game advertises “don’t get mad, get even” but you can’t get even with lazy pirates.

and on the subject of glory, get better algorithms that will discourage Sapphire I teams from stealing Plat IV castles, or sniping plat castles hitting players 200 levels lower than them over and over again.

Surely you have all these so called developers who can sit down and make the game interesting instead of making it irritating and odious.

and do something about Krelos it’s ridiculous to have no defence against that dragon … you either need more dragons offering the same skill set or get rid of it.


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And how is that smart? Given you need glory to level primarchs up, also newly added teams into atlas has neither prims nor glory etc. To level prims then that means they’ll never be able to get a castle and gives those currently holding many a mass advantage against newer teams trying to succeed. Now you’ll say about differentiating the pirates from newly added teams but that’s next to impossible to do

Pirating isn’t exactly lazy, they’re people fed up with the way atlas is maybe suggest ways to improve atlas offensively and removing the need for major alliances rather than saying all pirates are lazy?

Maybe just a long shot… suggest ways rather than dismissing what’s been done so far?

Maybe suggest ways rather than being overly negative?

Krelos is outdated now and can’t beat my base along with many others, maybe work on ways to improve yourself rather than going if it beats me it needs to go style logic?

I don’t think many care what level you are this is depending on circumstances for your logic let’s say a low 300 comes onto my castles to attack you’ll best expect me to counter or if they are on Level 4 or 5 castles where the game mechanics won’t go in their favour then again I will hit them it’s just how atlas works maybe suggest ways to improve things rather than sitting saying everything is bad and woe is me


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such an unnecessary comment.


Oops … premature reply …

I’d have to find something that’s been done well in order to not dismiss it. Feel free to point that out.

I’m not a developer. I don’t know algorithms. I don’t know about you, but i’ve spent over 5 years making suggestions and the best they can come up with is a bunch of lazy pirates that can run around Atlas without any ability to defend against them. It’s not something to be proud of.

It’s also something that has been discussed many times before … the concept of the game is to run around and fight … so, there should be some disincentive to running around hitting players 200 levels below them. Clearly there are no current incentives that are putting them off.

i’m more than happy for you to suggest improvements to bases 200 levels below yours that would beat Krelos at your level on their bases. As I mentioned above, they’re not hitting players at their own level. I’d love to know how to stop them, so all hints would be appreciated. Alternatively, we could fix the game so that such behavior doesn’t offer up decent rewards.

If they hit you on your castle you already get the glory if you hit them back (and kudos for them giving that a try). The issue isn’t the dreamers, it’s the lazy that come in and hit low for the quick win. My suggestion isn’t to punish those who are defending their castles, merely making it unappealing for these lazy pirates attacking. I’m quite sure i’m not the only player sick to death of them seagulling all over Atlas.

Why ? Isn’t this supposed to be a game of strategy and skill? Hitting people 200 levels lower is not skill. I’d like to meet the person who thinks a player doing that is skilled.

Mostly so I could laugh at them … but I suspect that’s an unnecessary comment to. I dont think any comment is necessary, but sometimes it’s good to have a discussion.

All these new anti pirate thing has become less and less thoughtful to the point of idi**ic
Please close this soon, pirate isn’t gonna go away this will just hurt new players more
And there are 3 scenarios for a 500 to hit 300 in atlas first 2 are more likely

  • you’re a meatshield, they try to bubble your team to get to their real target
  • you trap their prim and they want to get away
  • they’re just c*nt
    Also before you ask im an ex- pirate

you can start a discussion without offending others.


You don’t mind if that makes us picture you as an anorexic jobless housewife who wonders when her life went wrong, do you?

Or we could not throw around stereotypes at random, that’s an option too.


Also you can counter attack them after all
Just krefeeble them

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The time consuming part is purely the large alliances and all the … that comes along with it having to tiptoe around others and check/be given permission to hit someone isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so to speak

all these hatred on pirates makes me wanna be a pirate again.
not discouraging.at.all.


If I say I love pirates will you join my team? @envy​:pleading_face::pleading_face:

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If you’re in my team’s castle ( which will make you 100% glory) I will hit that prim regardless if it’s a lv 25 account lol

Sounds like you got sniped by pirate teams. Maybe you should learn how to defend?

We’re not lazy, we just play smarter.

I see a complaint, but no suggestion.

Again, complaint, but no suggestion.

What? It’s very easy to defend against a Krelos several tiers above your base. His only power is in atlas runs with his speed.


As someone who joined his former team that just got atlas this is very true out of everyone in my team I have the most experience with atlas and I take them on individual snipes. I don’t snipe one castle all the time since they’re new they don’t know how to avoid taunters and castles defenses but if you see us need some work on your castle. We don’t have a castle because we can’t get a castle without stronger prims and player activity and members are an issue right now.


Oi, hands off :eyes:


the ruin of atlas

I’ve always dreamed of be in a pirate team but the ONLY thing that stop me are the Daily Tokens when u have castles


The freedom this flag offers :pirate_flag:
Will be what it requires to play this game long term!

I have had enough of defense dragons so I set down the pathetic bonuses and I picked up this flag and while my progress has slowed I have zero regrets!

Pure offensive play on a poorly designed defensive map is the best available long term tactic :man_shrugging:
And considering I have a life and no desire to defend castles that create lag and stagnation and mega alliances I will just keep waving this flag :pirate_flag: