I have had a lot of problem with lag

war attacks, war defends, anything to do with more then me on one base causes lag or timing out. yes im using wifi i have more then 2 bars i changed my internet service for faster internet so im not thinking thats the problem im runjing android phone. also didnt start happening until new update. what can i do to fix this problem it has caused me to lose attacks for large loot and effects the amount of game time i put in?

Looks like there are still a lot of major internet outages and disruptions which started roughly at the 1 year anniversary of a major DDOS attack.

My money would be on major internet connectivity issues causing this. The issue that was reported to be Comcast recent has been expanded to many major providers (although Comcast claims they resolved an issue the same day)

im getting man handled with all kinds of lag if the base is using a ice turret and shock tower and flak tower it glitches so bad even if my dragon is way over powered for the base ill glitch out so bad

You also need to consider wifi strength (two bars is low), wifi latency, device specs, free RAM/storage, how it’s been since your last reinstall, etc. There’s not really a lot of detail regarding all of that in the post.

the device is fine. when i said two bars on wifi i ment never under two bars i did have it where i was logged into both 2.4 and 5.0 so i did correct that so im not bouncing back and fourth. i have not reinstalled or deleted war dragons ever. but i have many people experiencing same lag. someone said something about air plane mode? idk what that has to do with me isnt that a setting on everyones phone when you are riding on a plane? like i said i dont know anything about that. i also said i didnt have issues with game freezing when i attack or defend until new update right after snow update showed up and worse after this last update.

also just noticed when im on forums i have 3 bars open up war dragons automatically drops to two bars when i attack the bars in game show 1 when my phone shows 3 to full?? now this was the reason i upgraded from 100Mb to 200Mb bandwidth

There has been an increase in lag after the last update and I think it was posted here a few weeks back. Delays when following attacker and defending bases. Game was working perfectly before the update for me.

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are you seeing the same issues? also have you noticed some kinda glitch with bases grouping ice turret shock tower and flak also might have a blue mage or red mage, where towers dont take damage they seem to be invincible and your dragon is just floating there then dies?

It isn’t a glitch, it’s just the delay in the server showing us that the drag is dead. Following attacker or defending is just filled with buffering for me.

I’ve been dealing with that for awhile now…IF YOU’RE an android user your games fucked…PG was "working"to fix server connection issues last year for android…never really happenef…2 updates ago,they “fixed” the big causing too much load time yet still takes 10secs to defend yourself on android. But the dragon death freeze sucks today, Jan 7 2018 first time I had that happen with 0 damage done to a tower

You are wrong if you think its just Android! Because i had that issue until 2 days ago after the update on my iPad.
But it has been better today. I think they already know the issue and working on it but there was no guaranteed time frame given to me in my support ticket.

PS: I also play WD on android so i can understand the root of frustration, but this is not just android issue.

i have three other people in my house playing using brand new iphone same issue as me. but mainly its only durning war or events that bring in high amounts of players all at once attacking your base im not 100% but maybe having 8 people attack me all in a 5 min period has something to do with it. really not sure how but ive delete about 3Gbs off of my phone noticed some issues are gone but im also not in a war i only tested it on one guy with two defenders didnt notice same lag

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