I have members that are trying to join my clan...says they have accepted the invite, but doesn't let them actually join

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Is that person, that trying to join, - the only member of their current team/only active leader of that team? If so, this is most probably the other side of the same problem. So they have to disband before they join, or make another person the leader and then leave.

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Just checked, nope he’s not a leader or officer of his current clan. That is the 4th memeber this has happen with. Very frustrating, recruiting is hard enough as it is. But thank u for responding btw.

Is your team currently full? Or did you boot someone only moments before they tried to accept?

Have you asked them to leave their current team before trying to accept the invite?

Have you had a different officer try and send an invite to see if that works?

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Yes, and as I mentioned, we do everything possible to help. If they weren’t not one of my recruits, then I will contact them & send another invitation. If it’s was one of mine, one of the other officers will take over. We have found through trial & error…if they are involved in a war or it’s the middle of an event, they have to wait until that’s over to disband & accept. Sometimes we never hear back so there’s nothing more we can do, but upon checking on them again we find they are still stuck on their team. This is a glitch or bug that needs addressing.

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No, teams not full, but we are in the middle of an event. I’ll just wait, and only recruit between events and see if that helps. Thank you everyone for your responses…they were very helpful.

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