I have no idea what to do about this issue with my game

Ok so I’m having a very weird issue… I accidentally deleted my war dragons app (surprisingly easy to do believe it or not). Reinstalled the game and after reinstalling the issues started. First went to atlas to farm gold. It was a little weird but not nearly as bad as what happened in the event attack. Eventually the game would crash when I tapped a beast and hit the attack button. Then gave up on farming gold so I used diamonds to start Troops. Closed out the game and came back in to do things in the weekly event. But when I went into the event attacks it was very choppy. I took a video but it won’t let me upload it to the forums. Basically it took me 2 minutes to get through one Long Island on a base because the dragon and towers were not functioning as fluidly as it is supposed to, not because the towers were hard to kill. I eventually just closed out the app because I didn’t understand what was happening… I have no idea what to do about this… anyone have any ideas?..
and I sent a ticket already but thought I’d ask here in case anyone knew what to do about this

My usual sequence after redownload the game is

  1. Making sure that I’m on wifi. Somehow, on regular network messed it up.
  2. Open matchmaking, close without attacking.
  3. Open Den, close after it’s opened.
  4. Open Atlas, quit after it opens properly.
  5. Close the game.

If it encounters graphic error, set graphic to poor, low, medium, and back.


I have had problems similar to yours. I set the graphics quality again, from high to medium. Now I have no more problems :slightly_smiling_face:

When this has happened to me, I open the game while connected to wifi and let the background files download.

I always know this is the problem when I experience the delay in atlas menu responses. You go to tap a castle, no menu comes up but when you tap the castle again, the menu appears and immediately reappears. Usually, this is followed by atlas crashing. If you are experiencing this, try the above. Hope it helps!

Seems to be fixed now. Thanks guys!!

If you have a video, the best thing to do is upload it to YouTube or Vimeo and add the link to your ticket! Having a visual of what’s going on always helps us better understand what is going on.

OFF-TOPIC but I needed to address it:

At the end of the day, artists and animators cannot fix bugs in the game. These animations are not taking any engineering resources away from bug fixes.

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I’ve been told by support before that it takes about 4 hours after reinstalling the game for all the files to reinstall. I’m not sure on how accurate this is, but it does seem that whenever I reinstall I just have to let it sit for a bit and then it works properly again.
If you’ve ever reinstalled and tried to fly immediately… who doesn’t love the invisible spells :joy: but it definitely seems that the game just needs a bit of time to load back up and then it functions properly again

That wasn’t intended as a dig at the art and animation department, or at you. It was a dig at the company philosophy that new content trumps foundational stability. The prioritization of what ships first (i.e. game-breaking features no one asked for and that few seemed to enjoy over these mythical economy fixes that we’ll hear about from Awal sometime in the next 20-700 days) makes it abundantly clear that anyone interested in playing this game needs to get familiar with the workarounds, because their need is growing faster in this “style before substance” philosophy.

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