I have problem in prizes&rank stuck gift in i can’t take it


in event springblossom prizes&rank i have problem in.gift stuck in and i can’t take it . please help want harvest my kaiji dragon


:thinking: literally 15 mins between the threads

Need more info or screenshots, I don’t quite understand what is wrong and where in this situation.


and nothing there and need 25 flour to have kieji dragon work to mush about 3 days and make my team be 9 on world ian sad becaus i can’t taketame kieji and prizes stuck i have 1750 and need 25 more to have kieji plz help


I think this is the glitch where it says you have a prize to claim, but you do not.


what’s should i do ?


Happens to me as well, I ignore it, I have and claimed all the prizes that’s a visual glitch


The number of prize is a visual bug, so it doesn’t actually exist.

In order to get more sigils, please wait for next event.
In addition to wood hunting, get Ember in your roster, and run “treasure hunt” on chest base (I’m using Sharray’s). It’s about 4 monuments for less than one minute.

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nice new i was very sad because i can’t harvest my new dragon so i was need 200 and all i have 175 so by sad move and hope i select 3 gold box by 150 and dont believe i got to gift first 120 and 250 i cry cause i have my dragon and now i will fight more and kill others bases hahahaha thank to reply me messy girls and hug boys

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