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PGAnyone, Can you make a category for Dragon related questions?

My Specific question today is:
How do I find out what dragons I need to breed another dragon?
I have all but one of the Blues and I still can’t find out any information on Dodo’s parentage. How do you breed Dodo?

  1. Get a breeding plan (see Strategy section for many options. I recommend Red)
  2. You cannot breed dodo. It’s only available at certain times and PG will announce if and when it is available. Probably won’t be for a long while since the last time was only a couple months ago.


Hext (Red) & Etzel (Blue) make Dodo, enjoy.


I like Red’s wix site the best. And www.amoebastudios.com, Projects, Breeding is a good resource as well.


Not a bad site, but it wouldn’t tell me what I needed. I entered Dodo and it took me to an otherwise blank page save for telling me I needed 50 shards.
But Crankypants gave me what I needed to know. Wouldn’t you know it, Etzel is the one Blue I still need.


Again thouh, Dodo cannot be bred except during special events when PG announces that he can be bred.


I bred Dodo last week. Just had to manually select Hext and Etzel to breed him.


It is only Dodopyr and Donivalis that have to be bred during special events. Like others have stated, you can breed Dodo at any time. You just have to manually select his parents in the “breeding” tab in the breeding castle. You can’t just click on his portrait and get him like all the other dragons.


Apologies obviously my comment on dodo is wrong :joy:


Same here, I learn something new every day! :slight_smile:


See, we need an I have questions Category. Just to clear up misconceptions. :grin:


avete lo schema della magia rubaessenza?


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