I haven’t been able to win any bronze chests


Since this event started I haven’t been able to get bronze chests in any of the attacks. Is there no treasure hunt with this eyvent?


Min not the only player unable to get chests I get everything but chests. I don’t want to complain but two days and nothing . Please assist soon if possible or respond soon




:cat: yes I’m getting rubies instead of chesty


Ok it’s not working still and I’m not sure how to do a ticket on this game . I’m thinking just not playing any more . I don’t know


Click the quote and it’ll take you to a nice little picture how-to.


Pretty sure uninstalling and reinstalling has fixed this in the past :man_shrugging:


It took about three tries, but uninstalling and reinstalling worked for both my accounts on different devices.


If you’re going to quit over bronze chests not showing, you should save yourself from the real agony of the big bugs, etc…

Relax, have fun, it’s just a game.


Reinstall the game
I had the same,and simple reinstalling fixed it


Usually, uninstalling and reinstalling the game will fix the issue with receiving rubies rather than chests. You can also contact support at support.wardragons.com in a mobile or web browser.


One of the downsides to a fresh install is the GIANT avatars that block your spells on offense or base boosts on defense though. It only seems to be some of the older “animated” portraits that cause this but it REALLY can mess up someone’s run or defense. Lose a war battle or raid, or team mates XP run (Honest teamie, I couldn’t use my spells, I’m not THAT bad of a flyer…).



Oh dear! That sounds awful! I have never had that happen. If it does happen, please let our support team know immediately. (If you have screenshots or video, that is always super helpful.)


It’s very repeatable and back when the animated portraits first came out I put in a ticket. Just need to attack or be attacked by someone who is using the “Male Frost Emissary” for instance (there are others).

Just the first attack after the fresh install. Try it, it’s loads of fun.

Maybe yet another Android only “undocumented feature”? I defer to non-Android users to ask if it ever happened to them.

Hopefully we won’t have to keep doing re-installs to fix issues in the game. One can dream.



Yeah,happen a lot of times with me as well
Most of time dua bad connection


I’m not gonna quit . I was having bad day. Now I’m not .


I haven’t had to do that yet . It’s a pain in the …


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