I just read the boost do not stack?

i just read on that “wonder woman” page who posts news about war dragons that thanoks combat buffs do NOT stack on towers which have combat time consumables…so basiclly the 30/30 attack and hp boosts will not stack along with thanoks boosts for combat towers.

now is this also true for atlas rider as well?

I believe they are additive, not multiplicative.


Time boost do not stack, it is theoretically the highest of the 2, but as of right now, it’s picking the lower number bc the bonus’s are negative, thus -7 is higher than -12.

Combat bonus’s stack with the +30/30 base boosts. There’s already a topic on this that I’ll leave to you to search.

wait so im confused, the 30 tower boosts do stak with rider combat buffs?

maybe i misunderstand wat time consomable boosts are? can someone explain wat those are? i thought the 30% tower boosts r those

Search function works perfectly my friend…


It’s in the thread FLAKnIceHole l linked but:


Wait- WTH?!?
So anyone with an Atlas rider needs to remove Tanok indefinitely?!?

Not indefinitely… just for now.

right so they are wrong? i remmeber reading that… thats y i was confused… it DOES stack with the 30/30% monument boosts.

That’s what it’s saying.


thank you all. i appriciate it.

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