I just want to play

I’m tired of atlas politics. Are there pirate teams with basically zero no hits out there? Level 590ish.

They are there

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I know a few on top of my head but I really don’t know them personally. Now I would label them I don’t think this is counted as calling out anyone but for safety reason maybe I should let a few others explain when they see the thread. I am personally fed up with politics myself.

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There are multiple teams in different leagues. Some called “pirates” with allies aren’t pirates to me but I’ve seen in Sapphire, Platinum and lower leagues. Depends how active you want your new home to be based on your finds.

“I just want to play” can mean alot of difference things. Do you want to play whenever you feel like it? Meaning youre looking for a more relaxed team. Do you want to play 24/7? Meaning a more “WD is life” strict team?
We get you dont want to touch atlas.
But what league are you looking for, are you looking for a team thats 1st in EVERY event, a team that gets 8/8 5/5 but somehow just misses the mark for 1st?

Tell us what you want in a team and what YOU bring to teams.

“LFM” is like when jobs are recruiting new hires, the company tells the people what theyre looking for.
“LFT” is someome applying to the job, the person tells the company the experience they have and everything.

BUT, thats my two cents. Take or leave it, hope you find a team either way


Yup, animalsLord is recruiting atm come check us out,

We have 5TA brand new :smiling_imp:
No Big List of no hits
Castles of all elements
1072 tokens
Atlas active :hocho:
& ofc 8/8 5/5

We are growing solid & fast :wolf: