I know it’s a Dumb question... How do you quit a team?

I know it is probably a dumb question but how do you quit a team in order to change?
Sorry for asking a dumb question …

Team meeting hall > 4th tab with the pencil > leave team at the bottom

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You don’t actually need to quit a team first before you change teams btw

Lol looks like a Rage Quit :joy::joy:

If you are on any sort of competitive team, don’t rage quit. You’ll get farmed and gain a bad reputation. Inform the leader and officers that it just isn’t working out and they should boot you to bring in either a recruit or an alt. Give them 24 hours to replace you before taking matters into your own hands. As a former leader and officer, leaving the right way and not hurting your former team and having teams declare on them as soon as you hit 49 people goes a long way respect wise. Teams understand that sometimes the team isn’t quite a match.


Simple, you ask the leader to kick you out

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