I leveled 2 towers, my defense power went down


I have the same problem, I lost almost 100k in defence power yet I just levelled a bunch of towers for the fortification event–it’s not the first time it happens. I am expecting it to settle after the event ends (hmmm, I should have taken a before and after screen shot).


Boost wore off?
You moved a tower around to a different island?
Did you try turning it off and on again? lol


Also who gives a crap about defence power? :man_shrugging:


No one reads the post. It happened INSTANTANEOUSLY after I clicked the check mark. Boosts did not miraculous expire simultaneously. Also, I checked them. I did not move any towers.

The curve clearly has a dip in it.


Your post was 28 days ago.

I was responding to the post that was only an hour before mine who didn’t elaborate on details.

So maybe you are the one who should learn to read instead of just scanning :man_shrugging:


Several people assumed I was a rank newbie despite my giving sufficient details to invalidate such questions.

Also, you didn’t state who you were responding to and you didn’t use the reply feature.


even without using the reply feature, it’s pretty obvious that he’s referring to the guy who made a post on a thread that is almost 30 days old without any reply


Not if you created the topic. :roll_eyes:


/using the reply to function to direct this towards you

Edit: now look at that, it specifically showed that i was replying to you but it doesn’t appear. Like the first time



I think you were replying to me? I’m pretty sure I checked my defense power before the events so, I did not have any tower boosts on. Moving towers around did not change the stats, unfortunately. I only commented this time around because it’s not the first time it happens but, I don’t have any concrete data to support my anecdote. I will take screen shots before and after the next fortification event (without the boosts on haha).


I’ve lost about 10m this event. @PGJared @PGCrisis can we please get a fix on this or a reason this is happening?? Upgrading fire and ice turrets from 47-49 should not make me lose 10m in defense power.


Quick tip , if a tower is moved or leveled up , place any tower in storage then put it back numbers will reset


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