I like to pay homage to my team for helping me get my first free mythic

I came in confident telling myself you’re getting a mythic this season as I took advice from everywhere made the judgement of what worked for me as I came to the end of getting my mythic yes the advice is helpful but in the end it’s the team you are with that makes all the difference here I am thinking I be getting cavalor about couple days left in the season but nope I got him last night still working on him but thank you team and LEADER I thank you for giving me the chance


Put another rage there or mythic ammo ( this one is better)
Use anja for ammo or xandra if you suffer from what i call “ cloak wh*re syndrome “ cause you can easily over cloaking with this dragon



This is gold

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Idk why I keep calling him caviar don’t ask me it just comes out that way

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