I logged a service request over a day ago, when will it be looked at?

This game allows for children 13 and over to play. I play this game as I monitor my childrens activity, so you can imagine my horror when I received the attached messages about a child who is only 13 years old. I logged this with PG over 24 hours ago and nothing has been done, I haven’t even had a response.

How about you take action PG ? Surely you have a duty of care to watch out for the children you allow to play your games ? You have been notified, now can we have some action ?

Do you have a ticket number? Our team is a bit backlogged after the fallout with the season / event issues, but if your ticket is over 24hrs old it should be reviewed very soon.

i’m not sure how to find that … hang on.

Oh … 1059665 ?

Found your ticket by searching your name. Your ticket is under 24hrs old (sent at 10:30pm Pacific yesterday, and it’s 8:30pm Pacific today). You have also updated your ticket, which moves it back in the queue since our team works on “time since last update” to sort tickets.

One of our agents will grab this as quickly as they can and will look into it.

PM me this perverts name

Thanks very much! maybe I was looking at the time the emails were sent, not the time I logged it.

Any time you respond to the ticket, it moves it to the back of the queue.

But yeah, this guy needs to get panned, and quick.

Most definitely. We’ll pull the chat logs, verify, and take action. I’m not at the office (or even at home) so I don’t really have the tools in front of me to go dig chat logs.

Oh well that will teach me to be more patient then … thanks for that heads up. :slight_smile:

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I did wonder if it was due to it being the weekend, but I think that while some things can wait … I have restricted my daughters access to the game for now, so wouldn’t mind it being resolved so she can come back to playing.



Thank you for assisting in the resolution of this issue.

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