I lost my rubies


I had 13.1k rubies now i only see 7.5k i dont know where all rubies gone plz help me


You can email in game support to check it. They might give you the best help (the only thing they are good at)
Have you used it on anything by the way?


By clicking quickly I have in the past accidentally burnt a lot of rubies speeding up something I didn’t want to (no confirmation window), support will be able to trace it for you


They’ll trace it and then tell you to go bugger off. Don’t expect a refund if you accidentally did something.


I had earn it in events


Contact support and they will refund the rubies or tell you what they were spent on.

I purchased a $100 pack before the fort event (Architect Pack) and it defaulted to the other pack that comes out in between events but isn’t related to the event. But I was able to prove my purchase so my rubies and chests were refunded. It took a good 12 hours. Support was good about it as I paid $100 to get a pack worth $50.

Hope everything works out for you!


Support actually does some refunds if you accidentally speed up buildings with rubies.


I’ve only done it once. Asked for them to revert the action and the told me nicely to pound sand.


I had missing rubies on my last purchase as well I sent in a ticket to pg asking about it… they told me I spent the missing rubies on gold chests… I didn’t because I had 10 free gold chests that were also missing. So I got charged 4K in rubies and they took my 10 gold chests. Pg nicely told me to pound sand as well so I nicely asked Apple for a refund on my purchase and Apple gave me my money back.


well if they did say the truth, you basically made a refund about an item that you have forgot that you purchased.

I think even if you contacted PGJared about this, he might say the same information as what those agent told you.


I bought the pack so I could get the one gold chests to make it so that I had 10 chests. Pg agrees that I only opened one set of 10 chests. But my 10 golds were missing and so were 4K in rubies.


only said IF.

because if you actually got the items from the 10 gold chest and 4k rubies gold chest purchase, thats almost 8k ruby worth of items.

well its only IF. it really depends on the person doing the contact so if you think that is the case, then that might be the case.


Pg also said that they would have to look at different report to see why my 10 gold chests were missing and it could take weeks to get that information… that’s when I contacted Apple and asked for my refund. I talked to support for 2 days about this issue before I asked for a refund.


I only got items from 10 chests and pg agreed that’s what I got. So I didn’t get 20 gold I only got 10 chests but I was charged 2xs


Support giving a refund on an accidental purchase comes down to a few things:

  • Was it a pack purchase? We can’t refund those. It has to go through the merchant (Apple or Google).
  • Did you spend the results of your purchase? We’re probably not going to refund that at all. If you open 10 gold chests, get some sigils, spend those to get a prize, and then ask for your gold chests we’re going to say no.
  • Do you have a history of making lots of accidental purchase tickets? At a certain point it looks like you’re trying to game us and we’ll say no.
  • If all of the above are no and it’s a reasonable accident we should be generally inclined to give out a refund. If that isn’t happening please ask for an escalation.

Rubies have gone missing

Did you pound the sand as instructed?


Oh man I didn’t!!! That’s where I went wrong!!! :joy::joy::joy:


basically, word play is needed when doing stuff like this in every game.

like the cheat issue. you need to word it properly so that they can say what did you do. If you don’t say the magic sentence, they can’t do anything unless they don’t have that policy on their end.


I jst accidentally click to open 10 bronze chest nd lost my rubies… Can i able to undo that


They don’t do refunds for items purchased, accidental or not. If people didn’t get what they wanted they would just ask for a refund and call it “accidental”