I’m calling bullshit in this pit competition

You can’t attack half the teams,our it says member can’t be found.there are teams you can’t attack that doesn’t exist,but yet are always ahead of you in the standings!this is not Right! I demand this be fixed! It’s not fair.I’m spending money to be screwed!

Write a ticket to support

That is a glitch and not related to the event design. I have seen other threads where people have posted the same problem. I do agree this event sucks but for other reasons.

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Try to PM Arelyna.

Oh my GOD!!! This is NOT a ‘glitch’ in the programming! It is a MAJOR FLAW in the game! My ENTIRE TEAM is unable to play because EMPTY teams are somehow making it to the Coliseum! And when they CAN play, they can only attack the smallest of targets because of their own size. It is ridiculously BIASED against the little guy.

I told my team ‘Anyone can work towards a Seasons Dragon’ and now it’s quite plain, they are excluded from getting ANYWHERE near a single sigil!

In War, if a player leaves the team, they forfeit five flames. Why can’t PG allot a forfeit value to missing players in the event too!

RUBBISH!!! BIAS!!! And SHAME on everyone who just sweeps the little guys under the carpet!

@Dekamin What league are you in?

This is a duplicate thread of a conversation going on here: Pits event is comlete trash

Please click the link and continue conversations there.

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