I’m disappointed with Namaka

Storm or earth flak is all it takes. Against a defended base that’s equal to her level and strength, with either of those two towers, she’s doomed. Her initial first 4 shots aren’t enough to take either out in one go. You’ll then have to use “deflecting gale” to reset her attack and blow up the shield tower before the hammer comes down and if you succeed, she doesn’t have enough burst potential to take down the red mage tower that’s required for her to use “cresting wave”. You wait to reload, you fire, fail to take red, and while you are recharging again, hammer heals the red mage tower up. Deflecting gale wears off, you’re dead. The recharge timer takes too long allowing heals to go in between each reload. Against any kill island that doesn’t have a shield tower, she sweeps it fine, but who doesn’t have a shield tower?

Anyone wondering which of the two to get, meglok is definitely looking like the better option.

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Can you post some supporting info?
Your gear+runes
Video of the base you’re flying against

would be nice to see :slight_smile:



And the video, that was only ONE defender. Imagine two, or three


The player in your video shows…
1.6B dp from the attack screen
They show +52% on their kill island (+30% from tower +22% from base boost)

1.6 x 1.52 = 2.432B DP as their approximate actual DP.

Your displayed AP 1.41B (I know its a bad metric…)

It looks like you stacked rage generation which isn’t increasing the effectiveness of the first 3 shots nor the 4th shot (+attack + attack/hp)
However the runes/glyphs are still greatly inflating your displayed AP.

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Sadly I don’t have any other runes that would benefit namaka’s hp or attack other then the runes that are available for it.

Yea wasn’t meant as a dig at you in anyway.
Just an explanation of the situation/numbers displayed


I can assure you I’ve taken bases with 2.5B no problem with defenders. But as soon as that shield comes in, it’s over.

Well yes, defended bases are stronger, that’s not really an issue with Namaka. To be fair that base looks well geared, I’m not sure Pathox or Ronin at the same ap would’ve done any better.


I ran it w/ my level 28 1.6b Ronin, it’s a pretty solid base even undefended

**edit did a few more runs and got some defended runs.
with 3 or 4 tower executes couldn’t clear it defended without using havoc.

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Well yea, she post to be a killable dragon.

Simply kill the storm/earth flak tower first while you are turning a corner thats flying 101.

Each shot of hers deals 2.5 of a hunter a hunter :fire: ball dose, basically her shots are more powerful then a single shot from a hunter. Even her special shot deals massive amount of damage and freezes all towers and Ss.

Pg attentionally made Invokers class to have a limited amount of shots before hitting a cooldown so you aren’t spamming down her shots like a hunter then what’s the point of Invokers then?

I say it’s users error then anything, just fly her more and get a good grip on her an know what towers to destroy first before her 4 shots go on a short cooldown.

Another suggestion would be to use 4th shot on kill island as your first attack. Dump the other 3 before reaching kill island, use empowered 4th shot, then use Deflecting Gale to reload. 4th shot freezes so gives you a couple seconds to use the first 3 shots after reload and then another empowered 4th shot.


Based on video, flight strategy was pretty good. Base seems very good geared and it’s actually seems pretty balanced, if you attack higher, maxed base with good defender, and your drsgon dies. As MBN said, he had to use additional havoc to be able to clear that base with ronin.

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Here I am attacking a player with slightly higher defense and higher lvl towers. No storm or earth flak. Blew right past it. As you can see, if that red mage doesn’t go down, she’s screwed. Cresting wave does all the clearing. Her initial four shots and reset shots were needed to clear the obstacle aka red mage tower. That’s why I’m disappointed. If she blows up the storm or earth, she doesn’t have burst potential to take down the red tower and majority of bases have a shield. I didn’t finish it because I don’t need the guy’s rss and bro, if you ever see this, I’m sorry for using you as an example. Out of all the bases I attacked you were the only one truly defended.

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You are in that weird phase where your dragon tier is capped lower than your tower tier, and it’s a problem basically from here till you reach endgame, unfortunately. I’m in the low 400s, capped at vanguard divines, which are supposed to be balanced for 75s. Yet all the bases around my level have 80-85s. I think PG did it that way because dragons have become stronger than bases, and also because they don’t try to actually balance anything except endgame.

Edit: Point is, I don’t think it’s that namaka is weak, it’s that at this point the towers namaka is balanced for are all below your level.

If you watched my first video, what could I have done done differently then? Aside from aiming the storm tower. Freeze the front three first, take damage and try to wait out the storm tower? The recharge takes longer then the freeze duration, meaning, by the time I have waited out the shield and and recharged, the dark flak would have been unfrozen, stunned me, and we know the obvious result, I would have died still. So what could I have done differently then?

That makes a lot of sense. But isn’t lvl 60 towers obsidian tier?

Level 60 towers are expert legendary Harbinger . You still have 6 levels to go to reach that with namaka. And your gear may not be as good as the base gear that player has, plus the base boost, so those 60s are more like 65+.

Edit: I know everyone expects mythics to be able to solo any base these days, but that’s not really where the game balance should be. You might find that Namaka makes a better follow and have Noctua or another hunter take out the storm and red mage, then follow with Namaka. I certainly don’t expect my level 49 Ronin to solo a base with 85s, unless they have bad gear or its undefended.

Edit again: Corrected tower tier info, thanks @Lutrus

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Shoulda got Meglock

Problem solved :eyes:


:joy::joy::joy: We will see if I can get a refund for all my used sigils

Can you take out the red before the storm triggers?