I’m looking for a good team

Guys I’m looking for a platinum ad up team that get 8/8 team rewards I’m level 75

Email me in game

No offence but at level 75 it’s going to be really hard to meet 8/8 expected minimums in such teams. Most teams below sapphire don’t consistently get 8/8 outside fort however in sapphire or even P2 or 3 (most of these teams won’t get 8/8 anyways but the next point is still true), there won’t be any targets for you to hit without backup and nor will you have the resources anyways. You’re better off sticking to p4 or a gold atlas team until a much higher level, the absolute minimum for sapphire is around 150 and that’s only if you’re good at hau and extremely active but even then not many teams will accept you.


Say less might as well spend hella cash to meet your expections so I can get 8/8 rewards🤣

If you were going to do that though you’d get just as far individually in a lower league by going for higher personal points in events :wink:

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Really? Level 75 and you’re looking for 8/8?
Question: 1. Can u make 82k points every PvP event?
2. 180k points in breeding and 1M points in fort?
3. Are u a millionaire!!? 'cause to achieve minimums while being a low level needs more and more money!
Trust me game-kiddo (not agewise) you should be focused on getting your first platinum and 84 or 88 and having at least 500k defence now.
You need to be at least 300 or 350 to wish for 8/8, cause teams know level 300s can easily achieve the last achievement every event without any hassle.


First thing, PvP events have different reqs. However, past P3 they will have little to no targets
Egg tokens are easier to get at higher levels, but a lower level can still get plenty if they spend a little, or are super active
Do I think they will find a perfect fit? Probably not. I can guarantee I’d they want, they will find a team that hits 8/8 in fort, but one that does it consistently outside of fort will be a struggle.
You don’t need to be a millionaire if* you grin chests and try to use regular attacks in PvP. There are P3/P2 teams that hit 8/8, not every team but there are some.
84 is in fact a giant milestone to get to. That should be their minimum this fort, as well as 1 mil+points
Level 198 currently. I have hit the 8/8 achievement personally for months now. Depending on their activity, they will los on start to grow quickly and have an easier time hitting 8/8. A good few 300s and 400s don’t even hit 8/8 on my team.
Past level 126, you can find a way to hit 8/8 in all events. They are too small for this, but they have a good chance to keep growing.

At your lv ehhhh no
Can you hit the minimum for those prize?
It’s incredibly expensive at low lv to hit those prize and team that can achieve those prize are around high active plat 1 +
Usually around that the base range from 300+ which is impossible for a lv 80 to take out cause you haven’t unlocked hauheset yet


To breed dragons from level 1 to level 70 (next highest requires level 84), it only costs 161k tokens if you use a breeding path. It would be virtually impossible a level 75 can reach 8/8 in breeding (180k). I suppose if you wasted a bunch of mystic frags you could do it, but it would not be easy.

Edited: After checking it is possible to do 8/8 in fort.

For PvP you’d need to ask for backup all the time.

You’re asking for a team that will carry you.

Edited to add: If you really want a team that gets 8/8 and you are a spender (which you’d have to be to make 8/8 yourself at your current level), then just wait a month or two to grow, then make sure you are able to get 8/8 in events. Then come back and look for an 8/8 team. Just be sure to be smart about it and use a breeding path and make sure your base is good.


It is 100% possible in Fort. PrimeMushashi’s alt hit 1 mil, and at that level I was hitting 1 mil in fort. But I suppose you’re right about breeding events, and PvP will suck depending on their league*

Yeah fort ain’t a problem. My alt once made it from 79 to 126 in one fort with 4M points. So fort is easy. But unless you’re a grinder (and a Spender), you can’t, just can’t, get 180k points every breeding.

My bad I can’t sum words carefully. But this is the ultimate point I wished to say but couldn’t.

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Either you new to the game or you can conpensate by spending money bro I’m in plat 1 lvl 413 no mythic but cavalor will be my first

I’d suggest finding a decent team that will help you grow for another season or two, once you get around level 150-200 you might be able to find a team like that if you’re super active and are good at hitting up. I was on an 8/8 team when I was flying sapphire and up, but I made sure to grind like a crazy person to be pulling my own weight, and defended every chance I got. That team went from Plat 2 to Sapphire 3 when I was there and I dropped down because I hated PvP’s being so much smaller than everyone (probably around 200’s flying obsidian at the time).

That was a bit more than a year ago when abyssal mythics were coming out, so you may need to be at least up to emerald by this time.

Also, when looking for a new team you should put more than your player level. Put what your last lineage dragon is, how long it’s taken you to get to your level, what you normally score in events, how high you can hit, etc. These are things officers normally like to know when making exceptions to low levels.


Bro, ours is a platinum 4 team with good activity. We dont have 8/8 in event but have 5/8.we have atlas access too.if u are very active in wars and events then u can join us. Pm me in game directly if you’re interested.

Ur gonna have to at least get Hauheset first before making it into P1/P2

Being a level 75 in platinum will be hard. I have friends +300 who are struggling in PVP events.
Arvidia is in Gold I. Our main focus is growing and learning. You’re welcome to chill here and learn.

I want to know those friends who are 300 and struggling.


All i can say is that I’ve been reaching 8/8 prize ever since i got my gold legendaries at 70, not easy but doable, and btw no money spent just a decent fairly lazy team and some sweet teammates


Maybe your friends aren’t focusing hard enough if their level 300 and in Gold league they should be able to get 125 points in PvP no matter what since the targets are very low leveled and don’t have very strong tower levels going on.

They could have not followed a breeding guide or simply put are in Garnet not Obsidian

Level 75’s should stay in Gold or platinum IV since those leagues with atlas or with non atlas could get them ready for Higher leagues

Yeah who are those people i wanna know!
I’m level 171 (Plat 3 team) and dont struggle at all in Pvps . I always get more than 8/8 in every event except breeding ofcourse.

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