I’m looking for a good team

You’ve not been in gold league for a while I’m guessing? I have an alt in G1 and there are tonnes of level 300-400+ players there. And i’m not talking just one or 2 per team, there are a lot.

You can still get pretty decent points, but 125 pts are not guaranteed at all. Maybe more likely if you drop to Gold 2 and below where it’s dead though, but then the game gets dull with no one around

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Maybe your 300+ friends are a bit behind… I’m 234 in P1 and I’m not struggling.

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I normally only saw 1-2 300s or 400s. There was always a team that didn’t have a ton

How’d you find my post lol

It varies, in my alt’s current league there is a team with 15 300/400+, another with 10 and there are several more with more than 5 (and lacking 50/50 members which affects member points value in pvp). There are only 2 teams with none at all.

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I want to know OP’s master plan for hitting 180k every breeding event.

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They are very close to plat III. Bunch of levels +400 in the league.

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