“I’m looking for a sapphire team”

Like seriously? That’s all people ever want. Where is the sense of pride in helping a team build and rise? Instead they want to go to a team that’s ready made that they had absolutely no part in helping build, just to reap rewards. It’s a mentality that I will NEVER agree with. Too many people looking for “sapphire” teams. :roll_eyes:


Yeah if that lv 500 joins a Sapphire 3 team he really does it to reap rewards.

Hate those ppl!


It’s not about that “level 500…”

It’s about 80 percent of people who are looking for a team.

To each their own. I like being part of a team and building it up, but at some point when your team is still stuck in P4, and you’re clearly massively outpacing the rest of your team, there’s no sense in just waiting there forever.

My last team clearly had a much lower level of activity and ambition than I wanted, I have zero regrets about moving up to a team that matches what I want from the game more closely. And those teams tend to be sapphire for the more active people. I happened to get lucky and join my current team in P2 (now S3/S2), but if I went looking for a new team right now it would certainly be sapphire at the lowest.


I agree if you are massively outpacing the team and they are stuck in platinum 4 or something like that. I get it when it is like that.

To be clear, this is more about what I generally see people looking for when they say “looking for a team.” It is almost always sapphire. If it is lower, they are generally an inferior level for any platinum team, and should really be in gold.

I’m guessing anyone active enough to be on the forum is quite likely active enough for P4 as well. Growing to 100 is a few months at most these days, and P4 isn’t massively competitive.

I might be wrong but it feels like gold is mostly for very casual play now.

Still I agree a brand new level 40 asking for a Sapphire team is a bit much, but I can’t recall that happening all that much.


Not much choice alot like me always hit atleast last team prize every event without fail and you want to be on a team that hits the last team prize every time without spending which saphire is about the only bracket I fit in for that.

And what about the fact that you have to DRASTICALLY lower your personal earnings to essentially brute force any new team to relevancy.

Managing a team is a nightmare. Creating a brand new team, or a low ranked team, and then dragging them to relevancy is a headache I wouldn’t even want to consider.

I’ve run gold and plat teams (before my current team). It very nearly caused me to quit.

I can not fault anyone who wants to skip the growing pains and go to a team that has proven its effectiveness already.

I would not purposely choose a lower ranked team ever “to be a part of growing it” when I can be a part of the success of a strong team.

I get recruiting is a nightmare in plat. But it’s a nightmare in sapphire as well.

And I’ll be honest, why shouldn’t people aim for sapphire? If they are strong enough to make it there and the team wants them, why shouldn’t they take that chance? This is a game. It’s supposed to be fun. Dragging a team that is lower than you should be is sandbagging, and damn frustrating and boring.


Honestly a high performing platinum team is probably better than a low performing sapphire team, but people don’t think about that, and the ones that can’t be convinced may not be the ones you want. The rewards difference between leagues is minimal; atlas approach and event achievements are more impactful for high achieving players.

But building a team - isn’t that a euphemism for the struggle to collect, maintain, and possibly train 40-50 like-minded active people? That can take time and there’s no guarantee you’ll succeed even if you work hard and smart. And even then, no, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and the people who are into it are often trying to build their own teams. If your team is successful: hitting achievements, placing well in events, or at least doing well enough to open up good points opportunities, and have good opportunities in Atlas, i think that’s a more general sales pitch.

Edit: I don’t think any level “should be in gold” when there are so many platinum teams with open space or placeholder alts. Gold teams are great places for many, but when there’s plenty of space in a league, minimum levels are silly.


Good luck with that. Sense of pride goes out of the window when management makes decisions that hinder a team’s progression.

My guess is that those looking for Sapphire are more active and ambitious than their team is suitable for.

It’s a game. People like to progress.


People wanting to move up to S doesn’t surprise me. What surprises me is the number of sub-250s that think they’re ready and can dictate terms.


Mm. I see a good number of people in the high 200s/low 300s looking for Sapphire teams, and that makes perfect sense to me; those are people who are outgrowing their Plat teams, and looking for something more.

I won’t deny that I get irritated by the really low-level players seeking Sapphire teams, though. They obviously aren’t outgrowing their teams, and are nowhere near competitiveness even in low Plat. Which makes those efforts seem a lot less like “I want to be part of a group as competitive as I am,” and a lot more like “I want all the rewards, and people to do everything for me.” Especially when they get more specific, and make demands about what the team should offer them.


As I’ve posted a recruitment update a few hours ago I can’t help but feel targeted :dart: and roasted :poultry_leg::sweat_smile:

In my opinion there may be many reasons why players wants a Sapphire team. In my case I’ve played three years, I’ve helped my first big team to get Atlas and then Sapphire. I spent months in Platinum 4 to 1 and a few weeks in Sapphire and honestly I get bored sometimes in Platinum without challenges or a competitive team working together to get greater prizes.

If a team is in high Platinum, competitive and thriving I would have no qualms about joining them, especially if they are balanced and not just a Big level carrying the others for instance :wink:

It’s not so much about league but about motivation and activity in my opinion :blush:


It’s not always about the rewards. Maybe the person knows what their capabilities are, and maybe nothing lower then sapphire suits their needs. For me, personally, I look for a team that is crazy active in atlas, and I find that the higher leagues I go up, the more I get what I am looking for , better then what is offered down lower.
I don’t want to be on a team that doesn’t have what I’m wanting, or isn’t as driven as me. If those people have a lot of time, and know they can compete on that level, I see no reason why we should give people shit for trying to be on the best team they can get on…

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You’re the person that was recruiting everyone from my team :face_with_raised_eyebrow: (PrimalKnights)

In my opinion, level 500s shouldn’t be in anything lower than Sapphire 3. It takes too many egg tokens at higher tiers to have to be in a league that gives such a low amount of egg tokens :man_shrugging:t4:

Based on this I guess I should have been turned away when I apped for a Sap - D2 team.
I am eternally thankful that management took a chance on a lowbie and I am where I am today and sometimes common sense rules the day.

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How is it surprising people want to join a sapphire team when the go to response on forums to people who want atlas is to quit their team and join an atlas team?? :man_shrugging:
Since PG set atlas at sapphire most people are going to naturally gravitate towards sapphire teams in order to guarantee atlas access.