I’m not saying any names


I was just curious how common this is or if something that should possibly be reported?

Level 331 Harb dragons, All towers 60-63, Attack power over 1.2 billion with barely over 6 million medals.
Same team has another level 300+ this one too only 6-7 million medals.

Obviously it’s possible with just spending & buying almost everything with $ & rubies.
But how likely is it that or possibly cheating & just obtaining this stuff from cheats and now the medals come from flying his Harbs?
In reality I can get 6 milliOn medals in a week easily lol And yeah more then 50% of my runs come off the same Xp bases but that doesn’t stop my medal count from going up.

Just from wars & some RSS hunting shouldn’t a player of that caliber have atleast double that?

The team or player doesn’t place extremely high in evenTs so money isn’t being spent there…You could be clueless in most these events but if spend big usually going to place very well.
Aside from the very big spenders I would think 6 million medals would be normal for a player level 60-80.

I don’t know maybe it’s nothing but just seemed odd for a team to have 2 of these players with everything & extremely low medal counts and the players atleast lately never place Anywhere in individual rankings in events.

What’s something that usually sticks out with cheaters like Storage hut level, or anything that usually gives it away?
Obviously low medal count is not an accurate way unless it’s extremly low. Any other ways that kind of give it away?


Sorry i’m going to stop you right there.

6M medals a week is 1200 attacks. Easily, probably not very for most people
Secondly, using the same XP bases in frequent succession lead them to offer 0 medals per defeat


If they’re using the invader base though, doesn’t that always give max medals? :thinking: (I wouldn’t know from personal experience… I don’t have Atlas)


Why so grumpsy today? Maybe he normally does 60 hours of runs per week. :smirk:


While that point was weird, I still think it’s odd that a player has 6M medals at level 300+ when I have 11.3M at level 89. Not saying they’re cheating, but it’s odd and I’m interested.


Anything is POSSIBLE, but it sure seems fishy to me. In order to have that few medals and still have harbingers, they would have to do almost literally all of their attacks on XP bases, and used food and lumber packs or donations from teammates to actually feed the long list of dragons required to breed all the way up to harb AND build a base of 60+ level towers. Not to mention the sheer monotony of ONLY hitting xp bases over and over and over and over…

Possible - yes; but I think it’s more than fair to question it. Surely someone has calculated how much money it would take to get that far with so few medals.

I am also not calling anyone out or saying anyone in that scenario is a cheater - but if I were a 300+ with harbs and so few medals, I would understand why people would question it.


And there is a L570 with 21M medals (only twice as much as you)

Medals aren’t a good indication of activity, they are a better indication of spending habits. The lower the medals for a certain level, typically the higher the spender.

And for the reference in the OP about two of these accounts on a single team, the above mentioned L570 used to have a second account on the same team that was in the 300’s (maybe high 300s) with a fraction of the medals as well.


Anything is possible here.

Some things are more likely than others.

The miionaire mobile gamer is a fickle creature. Always looking for the next great thing.


I can say only one thing-I never ever saw so much 400+ maxes bases in super low leagues
Maybe there is a bunch of new spenders…or…
Actually,it’s no surprising at all
With new lvl cups and weak anti cheating system I expected to see a lot of cheaters around,sadly
Also,300+ lvl with AP 2,4B and Skarr,Kinn,Siege on top 3 is still up
And his Skarr on perch
So idk which dragons can give him this AP
Checked him multiple times-roster same,so it’s not a temporary glitch


Isnt the unwritten rule to firstly call him/her a cheater before he/she tells you he/she is just spending?

If so; please ban these plebs!


Ive never really went much much over 2 for a week Haha it was bit of an exaggeration but anyways… Even what can be easily gotten in a months time (I say easily because anyone could do it) doesn’t change that 6 million total for Harb dragons at a level of over 1.2 B unboosted attack power & level 331.
2 of these players on a team in Plat and all over teammates below 200.
What is that? Each player putting in 70 thousand dollars over the last few months, while never spending big enough during events to place well in events over the past several weeks. :thinking:


How can you call someone out without saying a name or team?
You would have to do some serious digging to even find the player so yeah definitely don’t think it’s calling anyone out.


I’ve seen these same players at 10-15 million medals but 6 seemed very low.
That’s like almost buying all lumber packs to build and food packs to feed.
With the widespread cheating it seems more likely cheating then just buying everything but who knows


Is all about :dollar::dollar::dollar::dollar::dollar::credit_card::credit_card::credit_card::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:. And in some cases cheaters too. :computer::calling::gear:️:closed_lock_with_key:.


Yes, the NPC Atlas bases give max medals constantly.

Considering the bases are extremely easy, meaning less damage on dragons, more frequent flights can be made.




Just report them via ingame support ticketing Thats all.
Its impossible to have that status without spending 70k bucks.
Its nearly impossible to imagine that those 70k buck were spent in short period of time.
6m medals is nothing these days. You can do it in two weeks on atlas if you pvp alot on a cheated accounts used as donors. So, this account is very young. It was created after the last ban wave. The next wave will be between seasons. Alot of ppl will suffer, surely.


Nothing like a good purge of accounts every three months to remind me I need take take a shower.

What? You shower every day? You clearly haven’t learned of the health advantages of a horny layer.


File a ticket.


Ticket: “Dear PG support, please have another cheater purge soon so @SavageAFforPG will finally take a shower”.