I’m pissed at my farmer 😒

As a person who has been farmed multiple times by levels 2 to 3 times my size, I expect a certain level of commitment by the other. At least six raids per day … the great ones can do up to +30 (a :bowing_woman: to “Emp” … you were the best :1st_place_medal::trophy:”).

So, the piddly raid once a day or two actually pisses me off. Am I wrong to have expectations from my farmers? I think not. If you’re going to do something, do it well. :unamused:

People should have more pride in their performance. :face_with_monocle:


Lol fun fun

Damn straight. If you’re gonna do it, do it right!


Pretty funny😜

It’s a two-way street. How’s your commitment to constantly keeping maxed resources for him to farm? You need to put effort into this relationship to make it work!


So you are a farm?? good to know
I’ll check you out.

I wish that guy farmed me instead!!! That would be the best thing ever! :joy::joy::sunglasses:Now I’m just pissed :triumph:

I’ve filled up and mailed / PM to come spank me. I make sure to do my part. :sunglasses:

Nope not a farm but I take my farming seriously. It been over six months since I’ve been farmed but I’m still not going to lower my expectations. :roll_eyes:

Six months being farmed without being a farm… What did you do?? lol

Sorry, I meant I haven’t had a farmer in over six months. The last one I had was interesting. I gotta put a post of it in the “This one time at War Dragons” thread. :grin:

Ill send a swarm of ember to munch on your sheeps .

This one brings back memories …

Too many farmers don’t have the stamina to do it right.

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Lol that is dedication :joy:

How did I miss that thread? OMG epic!

And yes, if you’re gonna farm, do it right. But I too think you should do your due diligence and keep your storage full :wink:

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You’re welcome to come on by. I can’t feed any dragons so all the food gets gifted, raided, or overflowed into the abyss. :hugs: