I’m sure this has been asked before in many forms, but...PVP-Ineligible-New Teammate

We kicked a player and added a player during the treasure hunt phase for the PVP. The player is listed as “ineligible.”

Ok…so…does that mean “completely ineligible” as in 0 for team achievement, 0 towards team score, 0 towards individual score…and her base doesn’t even show up for the enemy to attack to get points on? Or does her base show up and/or does it count towards team/individual score which to me would mean “partial ineligibility.”

As far as I recall, that means they at least started a team quest on their old team and so are locked to that team for pvp. Their base will show up for others to attack, but they are ineligible for the event. This includes them doing anything in the event, including individual prizing.

The only solution is for them to go back to their old team for the event. Maybe they can drop out and start a team and get individual prizes that way in bronze?

Someone please correct me if I am wrong here.

NEVER cross the streams. Don’t do this.


:rofl::rofl: Love it.


The timing was very unfortunate. I didn’t want to take this chance (that it wouldn’t count for the event).

U could of screwed a older player out event

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Yup. Things happen. Don’t miss war without proper notice. Don’t slack 4/5 days in PVP. Hard choices have to be made sometimes. If a better player is interested, sometimes you have to take them.

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