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so I’m a lvl 137 and am trying to build up my kill island which would be great and all if not for the fact that the scaling of lumber to get to lvl 39 is ridiculous. It requires much more lumber to build a lvl 38 flak than to build a 40 flak. Was this a result of PG failing to balance after new levels came out or what? Note, if this topic has been discussed in a thread somewhere, please link me to that thread so the mods can close this one. I can’t seem to find one.

Not sure of exact threads but this is the result of pg discounting tower costs starting at lvl 40. Due to these discounts the cost of previous levels is higher than the discounted costs of towers that are higher level but will even out going forward.

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Well isn’t that just fabulous. On the bright side I guess when I upgrade my storage high enough For lvl 38 towers I won’t have to upgrade again until lvl 50 towers lmao

Yep that is a bonus, I believe their thought behind it was not wanting people to level up too quickly until they start reaching that tier which should be around sapphire dragons depending on how your breeding is going. They more want you to get the mechanics down before you leveling starts speeding up which isnt necessarily a bad thing. There are alot of people that blow through levels extremely fast but never completly grasp the mechanics of base building, breeding, and even flying.

See I’m about to breed my first garnet so… I guess I’m somewhat ahead. Loving hauheset. But I understand the reasoning I guess.

You may have been given this info before but if not, it’s very handy use.



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Garnet dragons at 137 is about as optimal as you can get as far as breeding goes. Just dont get in a rush to level your base and stray from the short and stout moto.

If I had timers maybe I’d rush base level but not really in my current position lmao. I’m Finding that it’s the big spenders that rush base because they had more timers than eggs. Since I only pay for elite I’m probably not in a danger to rush base lol

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Always keep your storage hut upgrading. There is a big jump at 300 and if you don’t keep upgrading your hut, you will be forced to spend soooooooooo many timers just to get your hut up to bare minimums.

(While 300 may seem far away… if you don’t plan for it, it will sneak up on you)


No. Never let your storage get behind. You’ll hate yourself later. I speak from experience.


:roll_eyes: Gotta take the advice, as mine is way behind :joy:

Mine has been finished

Lend me your storage please…
inviting Prince to Ghosteam


:laughing: u dont want i

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