I’m willing to rent your Level 5 castle! 😁

Willing to pay 100k food and 100k wood per day. Feel free to message me if you’re interested.

And presumably 100k troops or more? :eyes:

Nope. Food and wood only … maybe even a naked pic if it’s a fire element. :eyes:

What type of interest do you have in a T5 fire? Trying to get a few shards? Honestly a single T5 castle without a ton of infrastructure put into it probably won’t get you shards, it’s better to do well in events and the season if that is the end goal :slight_smile:

(From a ROI perspective)

Dunno actually. Everyone seems to want one so I want want too? :tipping_hand_woman:t2:

Or I’m trolling the forum? We might never know for sure. :relieved:

Ah, you’ll lose that 100k whether you want to or not :wink:

Why so?

On T4/5 everyone gives 100% glory no matter level or team ranking :eyes:

Oh, better make sure we only keep 1 troop prims on it then :thinking:

And get it conquered from under you? :rofl:

So a castle guard party? I’m invited right :smiley:


That’s the point of renting, the owner will need to defend it for us. You wanna be my landlord?

Sorry, I’m too introverted to host parties.

I got one. Bamboo. Just come park on it anytime you want. :smiling_imp:

What if I bring puppies :hushed:

But not anymore to send nudes?!:thinking::joy:

I’ve heard Dread has some extra castles, Im sure they’d be happy to help you out

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I didn’t say the nudes were of me or of humans either :smirk:

Last time it was a mole rat if I remember correctly… Could have gone the whole week without that image burned into my retinas.

Had to go watch a sheep being slaughtered to get that out of my mind.


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