I (might) need a mercenary


As the title says, I am thinking about hiring a mercenary (or 2 :thinking:).

The ideal candidate is a high level (300+ hopefully) from a team that will discourage continuous retaliation (of course Dread would be the best choice, but other teams could be okay too).
This is only because I wouldn’t want repercussions for said mercenary.

If you are in a low league team and have the freedom and firepower or skills I need, AND you don’t care about becoming a target (you and your team most likely), feel free to apply for the job lol.

Payment will be of course in in game currency, to be established with the person that gets hired.

Anyone who has questions, feel free to ask. I might not be able to discuss every detail in public though.

Okay people, apply :rofl:


You might check LD rooster too


I love this topic already :heart_eyes::popcorn:
What you need them for? War?


Yeah I mean I wanna know all the gory details. :popcorn::popcorn:


:eyes: n how much food n gold we talking :smiley:


I totally know what I’m gonna do when I grow up :joy:


I need them for a personal revenge that I’m not able to get by myself :speak_no_evil:

And about LD… I can’t really go bug every diamond player and ask them “hey do you feel like doing this for me?” XD I mean, I don’t know most of them. Probably know only 1 or 2 :sweat_smile:

I haven’t thought about it because I’d like to see how much gets asked first. I don’t know what kind of amounts a high level player would need to even consider getting bothered with what I’ll ask.
So, the person can come and say “Yea, I can do it but I want this and that” and then we will see :woman_shrugging:


You better be ready :joy:


Is the player farming / bullying you?


No, farming is part of the game, I would never complain.

Extreme disrespect though… That’s another thing and it shouldn’t be tolerated. As bullying, which I’m not a victim of, currently.

I can take care of myself most of the times, but in this case there is nothing (else) I can do.

So the choice is to suck it up or this lol


Aww, there’s a block button for that.


I’m aware but that doesn’t work in this case


Nah, this is PG. Most players will at least just take the bill.


PM me the details of what happened and the name of the player. I know someone with anger issues who might do it for free. :+1:t3:

I love you @MikeH8sDisGame :pleading_face:


that same person has laziness issues too though… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Aww :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


This sounds intriguing
So what you wanna do?
Feel free to pm me)


Where do I sign up? Lol


Agree message me S well what all happened n such n if u didnt start ill do free


I didn’t expect as many applicants :rofl:

You all are awesome :hugs: