I miss the bonus meter 😭

I miss the bonus meter so much. :sob::sob::sob:

I used to plan my vacation days around the pvp events. Hunkering down at Starbucks and doing back-to-back raids for 6 to 8 hours straight. Eyeballing the bonus meter as it filled up. :drooling_face:

Now, the pvp events are just “Meh”. No planning and strategy involved … the thrill is gone. :sleepy:

I’m more excited about the build and breed events than the pvp events. It’s a bad sign that King of the Hill is now my favorite pvp event. It used to be the most disliked. Pocket Gems, what must we do to get the bonus meter back? :pray:t3:


I agree wholeheartedly with this. I use to love pvp events but losing the bonus meter requires more work, energy packs, time,etc. It is impossible to get the same amount of points as before. I have really lost interest in playing in events. I know my teammates feel the same way. PG bring back the bonus meter? What would it hurt?

While I understand why they removed it, I think it was a huge mistake and needs to be brought back.

Don’t worry. You have a mega coin :joy::joy::unamused:

Bonus meter? Haha. That ish is free! And why should that small, hardworking team employed by the struggling game company give their players anything?

Over here we have a mega coin, which is neither free nor rewarding. But it will let you snipe the win in the final moments of a round.

Don’t worry. Yes, it still hurts now. But soon enough, you won’t even remember life without the mega coin. Repeat after me: The bonus meter is a lie. It never existed. Mega coin is all I have ever known.

Disclaimer: “mega coin” contains substances known to the state of California to cause cancer and should not be used if you are pregnant, nursing, or may become pregnant. If you have an enlargement lasting more than four hours, please see your doctor right away. Do not consume alcohol while on mega coin, as you may spend more than you intended. PG provides mega coin “as is” and denies any and all warranties, stated or implied. Your rights may vary by state. Mega coin is not real, but your money is. PG thanks you for your purchase, and if you have any suggestions regarding free features you would like to see removed and replaced with less desirable, “premium” features, you should apply as a developer.


I think there might be something wrong with me that I found your post so amusing :laughing:

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If they introduce the bonus meter + mega coin, the prize tiers will be even more messed up, so that’d just tank any modicum of enthusiasm towards pvp events. :woman_shrugging:


I did not think enthusiasm or balance were considerations?

Maybe it’s because I’m on Android. :man_shrugging:

Yeah but it’s way out of balance now, so why start caring about balance now. When the average mega gives you 4K+ and can have several deployed at once, vs a 1K threshold.

It needs to be tuned away from an I win button. I have no doubt it generates more revenue in its current situation though.

They need free play to be able to store points to deploy later in order to compete with mega. That would add value to grinding again and raise the revenue from mega buys…

Miss it so much. Being active and having a strategy helped score points now it’s just the megacoins.

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They took away bonus meter and rune dust. They are just going to keep taking things away from us until they run this game into the ground. Eventually another game will come out that’s better than this and they will have made there fortune and laugh at all the money ppl pissed away that lines their pockets.

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I don’t it was annoying

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