I need a link to invite friends to play war dragons, the one in the game does not work!

Can you help!! I am looking for link to invite friends please

The link in game should, have you tried the copy then paste method?

Even if it doesn’t seem to work just take a screenshot of you sending them the link and save it till they hit either lvl 20 or lvl 40. Once they get there send support a message with the screenshot and they can credit you.

Don’t do it. Your friends will thank you in the long run.

PG are ruining the game :pensive:

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For the link to work, your friend should meet the following requirements:

Doesn’t have a War Dragons account
Doesn’t have War Dragons installed on their device

Once he/she meets that, simply download the app using the referral link since that link will have your account code which adds newly created account to your referral list.

If the person already has an account or already had war dragons installed before tapping the link, referral will not work.

If they have an account and the app installed, have them log out first completely and then uninstall. After that, do the same thing again. This should work most of the time IF your friend follows it properly.

Also you will need to have an ios device, since the referal function has never worked on Android as far as I know. At least mine never did, link is just blank.

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