I need a little help with this conundrum

One of the first mistakes everyone makes in WD is putting 2 identical runes or glyphs on a dragon.
My question(s) go like this, I’ve seen and I also steal runes and glyphs from older dragons. I would like to know which ones cancel the effect of the other ones.
Example - I have 2 mythic glyphs from old dragons,the main ability is dragon specific so it’s meaningless, but the 2nd would be say,Warrior HP 8%,obviously the name of the glyph is different but if I equip them on the same dragon with the 2 Warrior HP buffs cancel 1 and I actually only ene up with one Warrior HP 8%?

The same question involving Hunter Ammo
On Quilleth I have a mythic Rage with the 2nd buff being Hunter Ammo x2, the 2nd Rune is a Mythic Hunter Attack with the 2nd buff being Hunter Ammo x2.
There’s no conflict between the primary buffs, but will one of the Hunter Ammo x2 cancel the other one, or will I have a Hunter Ammo x4 buff?

I get conflicting answers on my team.

Erm, no it’s not. Because the game won’t let you.

If you can equip them, they will stack.


For runes and dragon rider buffs, nothing cancels anything out unless you don’t meet the requirements (ie putting a dark flak resist rune onto a dragon without DF resist or any means to gain DF resist, or putting Hunter attack onto a warrior). If you have x3 +8%Warrior HP glyphs on a warrior then they all apply and you get +24% HP

You can’t put identical runes on. If the secondary effect is different, then it isn’t identical. For example, a Rage glyph with a HP secondary is different than a Rage glyph with an attack secondary.

Any applicable effects will stack as long as it is appropriate to the specific dragon. You can have all Warrior HP runes/glyphs equipped as long as the secondaries are different and the effects will stack as long as it is on a warrior and not a hunter.

It’s like gear. Gear buffs stack and don’t cancel each other out.


Perhaps the only exception is defensive riders non combat buffs which don’t stack between riders.

Construction boosts, reaearch, food / wood storage etc.

But guess this is slightly off topic

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Erm,well that’s something that PG must have patched, because at one time you could put 2 identical runes on a dragon.

Not in the last five years since I started playing


IIRC, since I started playing, the only chance to equip 2 “identical” runes is when the runes are adjusted (name and function), thus some of them can be equipped together. Technically, they’re different though.

When Sapphire was the top tier, experienced players would warn new players not to apply identical runes & glyphs, they would not stack.
I opened a ticket because I had 2 legendary invincible shield runes equipped, it took several tickets and getting the right person, but I got them to remove one. It was something that they would do one time only.

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It’s going back a while but runes were brought in on update 2.00 (Jan 2016 ish) and there was a bug with equipping identical runes. I want to say that the patch was brought in somewhere around Sage’s season (Spring Destiny 2017?; update 3.00?) where also a few of our old spells were reworked/changed for some dragons (like explosive shield and thunderstorm).

Thankfully now, this isn’t possible which has lead to the saying “if you can equip it, it will stack”.


Sage was my first ( completed ) seasonal.
It was just before that when I was putting multiple blast runes on Amarok, only to be told they were not stacking :man_shrugging:t3:
I never paid any attention after that, I was just sure that I wouldn’t do that again.
It was when I got 2 mythic ammo runes that I was unsure.
The only difference was one had +1 ammo the other had +2
But they did equip.

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