I need a suggestions of how to fly a Invoker

Hey everyone!!!

May u please give me any suggestions of how to fly an invoker???

all help and suggestions are greatly appreciated!!



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All depends on the invoker. Some you want to use all 4 shots-defensive spell, some you only want to use his main shot, then a defensive spell.
For dross, as an example, you disable some towers, cloak.


Different dragon, different feels, even if they’re the same class.

  • Get 100+ heal pots, hunts a lot.
  • Share your fail vids, and listen to others.
  • Sometimes watching different dragon’s flight videos help, if both dragons have technique similarities.

Most Invokers are 4 shots but i see the way i fly invokers works very well​:100::+1:

My Strategy is…on the Long islands 3 shots at the 3 towers infront and the Last shot in the Middle of the 2 at the back which destroys them💯

1st shot middle tower.
2nd and third on the sides
4th shot ( Last one ) between the 2 towers

Hope this works for you as well🔥

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When you’re just starting to learn Invokers, start out by counting your shots. 1-2-3-special. 1-2-3-special- 1-2-3-special. Get yourself used to that rhythm. :slightly_smiling_face:


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