I need basic atlas help

So I’ve been in atlas a couple weeks now.
Other players attacked = 0
This is a problem, I want to level my pats but I cannot unless I attack players.
So how do I do this? Just roll up on a base that has a bunch of team dragons around it and attack one of them?

If not like that, then how?

What are the pros and cons, what can happen from doing this ?
Does my team have to be involved? If so, why?

This has some decent bits to read when you’re just starting out.

To get glory pts to lvl your primarch?

You can go to NML(red zones) and attack people( at all times)
When shields go away(shields are up during pvp events) you can go to someone’s territory and attack them
When you take over territory attack people that come into your area

*Also idk but during pvp events when shields where up you used to be able to attack on mines and poachers

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