I need help for elemental ember


how to get it???, hukhukgguk


We all need help on this topic sadly :smile:


Two places:

  • season line prizes
  • gold chests during fortification only

Also a few small amounts left and right, like the final team achievement, team quests and such. But those two are the bulk.


hahaha, really need


tq, why so hard XD???

  1. :moneybag:


Won’t really help this event. (No elemental embers in gold)
Perhaps next event or next fort.


True. Though, do embers drop in pvp gold chests?


Yes, though rarer than during fort.
Pretty much any event other than breeding.


this fair right?, not only rich man can buy for elemental ember, yeah


You can check for the chest contents when you press the circle with letter i beside the gold chest text.


No, not at all, only during fort and feeding.


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