I need help improving my base

I have a small island with some tips from a friend, but I wanted to see what else I could do to improve my base, because one person can only do so much. I would greatly appreciate your assistance.


I would move the 19 storm tower to your small island to protect your towers.
Other than that I would focus on gear and defensive Rider.

Fire and Ice Turrets are not a bad investment either.

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maybe store the small dark flak, it’s too hard to keep two at your level

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Got it! Thanks

But what do I put in the empty small dark flak spot? I have nothing good in storage.

Is this from PVP temple raid screenshot?

As stated by previous commentor I’d move the storm on to kill island.

I’d get the small dark flak to level 10, transform to ice flak then move that to the kill island.

Then this coming fort only level those 5 towers, max them one at a time.

Maybe focus on getting the ice flak up to speed first.

If you have atlas try to get kasima, if not wait until next season and do your best to finish the defensive rider.

Craft one set of gear I’d recommend fire as that’s the first mythic warrior you can acquire, before that danzig is a good legendary warrior perch dragon.

Keep cycling through crafting gear trying to get elite.

Once you have an elite set then look to level them up, this is almost impossible without atlas though.

Hope that helps

No, a friend did it for me.

That would work, but I’d have to level up a bit for that, b/c I get fire & ice flak at lvl. 55 and I’m currently lvl. 51. Thanks for your help though! :blush:

Four levels isn’t much at early in the game.

Dark and ice works very nice :wink:

Got it! :grin::grin: