I need help just lost my account after restarting my phone because of a problem it had

Does anyone no how to get much account back

Did you make a pocket ID?

If you made a pocket ID then just download the game, go in and skip through the first few intro splash screens and then hit the gear button when you are able and log into your pocket ID.

It will ask you to confirm that you want to discard your zero progress game, and you type CONFIRM.

Then enter the email and password for your pocket ID for your game and you’re off and running.

If you did NOT make a pocket ID then the reset procedure is a little more time consuming.
Go completely through the tutorial then start a new game. Continue to play the new game until it is leveled up to where you had your old game. Your new game is now your old game. This time make a pocket ID.

Try the advices above, like your pocket ID. Or maybe send a ticket to helpdesk to check if you can get your account back…

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