I need help of breeding dragons

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I am confusing in breeding path. I have all sapphire drags except apophet and anapa. I have a got avalache from garnet branch as well. I am going for ursa now. Has anyone know the better breeding path? Is it good to go with ursa for 143k egg tokens?



The breeding paths become really restricted at sapphire and above. There are really only like 3 distinct paths, and they all cost the same at that point. Thats not to say there arent ways of screwing things up, but in general the pattern is pretty regular.

The value of using a breeding path is down in green - platinum where there are lots of inefficient paths.

Ursa is good :+1: Not good lol but good for moving along…

After Ursa get Jul & Icicle and you can move on into Emrald :+1:

Check out Reds Icicle paths…There will probably be one that you can jump in where your at and just keep going :+1:



I would recommend an edited A&A 2 path:

Frostbiter = Sekhem + Hauheset (155,556)
Ursa = Gorgonus + Hauheset (155,556)
Then to step #11

Note: prices are based on the new cost update on dragon-manager.com


You are my hero <3

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Thanks a lot guys

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