I need help redesigning base (if I should or not)

So I’m unsure if my base is at its full potential. Ima level 70 and have been working on my base pretty hard these passed few months. I need help rearranging my base (if necessary)

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  • DO NOT put more than 1 of any tower on any island because I could just put a resist on and reck your base lol

  • Your base is too long for your level. I advise you to store some towers and focus on leveling 5 towers on your kill island (usually 1 storm, 1 ice turret, 1 dark flak, 1 red mage, and 1 blue mage).

  • Your farms should be higher level by now. I’m assuming you are behind on breeding and cannot upgrade the builder hut?

I’d really suggest reading through Mech’s and Coach’s guides on bases and then adjusting your base to follow one of those recommended layouts. Then like Cloak said, focus solely on the 5 main towers and farms/mills when leveling and ignore the rest…

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No I just haven’t really got to it yet.

A lesson from Team Gauntlet.
Balanced Base is Bad (unless it’s short)

Your base is not too long

You have 3 reds and 2 blue mages u can use…stick both blues in the back of 2nd short island and the 3 reds up front. They can be lvl 1 until u start facing more skilled opponents.

On mid u need both mages up on front island and the 3rd on back island. -Until u get more familiar with the towers.

Forget the cannons they are now obsolete. Go for ice flaks.

You need at least 1 of each flak. Only upgrade 1 of each, u can still have more than 1 on ur base for its special but keep them lvl 1. Id also recommend at least 1 fire turret and 1 ice turret to upgrade.

Now u got ur secondary artillery, which i like both archers and lightning towers. Id recommend only 1 or 2 of each but right now u got some catching up to do so id say only 1 of each.

This puts you at 7 main dps towers which is fine. U still need to also focus on 1 storm as well as 1 blue and 1 red to upgrade with ur dps. The 3rd on mid is up to you on how strong u want it.

^Take the advice and make something of your own. Honestly you need to learn each tower and its range(primary & special)/ rate(primary & special)/ and special abilities. Then you will be able to truly create your own designs.

Also every spot on each island is either closer or farther than another spot from dragon in battle. Keep this in mind.

:thinking: everyones ideas are different but i am not sure I would be building multiple flaks and leaving them lvl 1, also lightning towers while great early mid fall off fast… But each to there own there may be more to it that i can think off.
@BeaWild has it right find a base guide like Mechengg’s or Coach’

Well thats the beauty of not being you…can do what we want.

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It’s too long. I think I was 1M defence power at level 77 or something.

Edit: I can’t exactly remember it was a long time ago lol

Lol idk why people tell me power like its supposed to mean anything to me. I can take short 400s with 2 defenders using 2 garnets and a saphire. Power wise thats around 1/4, it means nothing…rune rarity is mainly what buffs power anyway.

I will say there is someone in dread that completely whoops my ass lol ima get em though.

At the level, I’ve had lv25 towers…
Or 27 :thinking:? I forget :sweat_smile:

Thats ok, he has made near 25 towers the same lvl…he has some catching up to do and needs to choose wisely on a select few to focus on upgrading, which im sure he doesnt need to be told over and over again.

But this still does not change the fact its not too long. Ive had a lvl 1 blue mage at the start of my base since before rage drain island was even a thing. 1% had it. You either kill blue or get hit by it, ur choice. Unless u use ember to lock it down, in that case thanks for the free supershots.

But which 2 garnets and sapphire? :thinking:

Also even so, that doesn’t get you 5 flames in war, which is an important part of having a solid base.

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Smh, if only u knew lol

I’d love to see this happen. Maybe you want to try it on my base when I’m online and can get a second defender.

There is like 5% of total population who can make a statement like that and not be full of it. Even if you are one, there isn’t much point advising people based on what they are least likely to need to defend against.

Power absolutely means something. It’s not a good metric though. And yes IF you are very skilled with hauheset, then short bases of any size can be cracked with any number of defenders. The only reason a long base cannot is because rewind can only happen twice.

And as already pointed out, getting a base with 3 dragons is nothing to brag about.

I would disagree. For a level 70, she’s committed to far more towers than she will want to later. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and this is mine.

At level 70 she couldn’t care less about hauheset. Virtually everyone who builds short bases is happy with the results. I’ve seen a lot of unhappy long bases. Sure there could be SOME that are okay, but why squeeze the toothpaste out of the tube. You can always build out later, but you can’t undo towers.


id suggest restarting…

:thinking: Isn’t that too extreme?
Though her base is long, I guess it’s possible to fix it if she starts soon…

At level 70 it’s reasonably easy to salvage, in the mid 80s to 100s you still need to have to have 7-8 towers at max level even in a perfect base to get over storage limits.

If she starts focussing on 5 towers only, I expect it will be fine once the front 5 reach level 30. A “perfect” base would have 5 towers of level 25-28 on the back half of the middle island, she will have a bunch of level 20s in storage instead, no big hurt towards effectiveness.

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Seems a little extreme. Long term the mistakes wont matter.