I need help redesigning base (if I should or not)


If she can get enough green + gold eggs by the time she reach lv 74, that will help a lot, as the farms can at least prevent getting 5 flames to certain extent


Sure, but lets face it, even in low leagues a level 74 base wont do anything in a war. Starting over would make her base better sure (in terms of “for its level”), but its hard for someone to make up for the lost time. Especially when it comes to breeding and research progress… Give the OP another 200 levels and these early mistakes wont matter in the least. Dragons are all that matters until you approach the top tiers i find, and starting over wont help her breeding progression.


This base probably won’t but a good level 70-80 can still help rack up defenses in my gold 1 league. It will of course be 5-flamed eventually with a 100+ backup, but people may well underestimate the base and need a second or third run.

And I think it won’t need 200 levels, even in 50-60 levels the base could be very close to optimal. And I really wouldn’t suggest geting extra gold eggs early and messing up breeding progression too…


I agree with the parts of racking up defense (my base was the most favorite target in some past wars, to the point that I get the most dragon killed by base award for a few times consecutively :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

About extra gold eggs, I only paid 21k for 10 eggs (turns out that I only need 8)


Level 70 is a month or two at most of play; else she will be compensating for the next 2 years…

Just a thought


There are very very few players who would get 70 in two months, and they’d have to be heavy spenders. More like 6 months for heavy players, a year for casual players.

If you play at the pace that gets you 70 in two months, the damage will be undone in another two months while breeding garnets at level 140.


Its more than that depending on league. It’s not that hard to fix it. Plus as i said base doesn’t matter much until much higher level. So the OP has time to fix it before it matters.


8 months for a little over 80…
:scream: I’ve been slacking too much…


not bad. It takes patience when you have only elite to do that unless you are in higher league as an alt. I am 90 after 8 months.
I have been prohibiting myself from using rubies and gold chests for quite sometime though, in future preparations.


85 here in a bit over 6 months (elite only), and not a lot of big mistakes on the way (that I know of).

Proud owner of one level 6 ballista in storage, and about eight level 10-18 towers made before I found the forums. Still have 7 towers at level 27 (my current max) so a bit of wandering at low level is fairly easy to fix.

Tbh I’ve focussed on my breeding progress more, mostly leveling my base to keep up with my dragons, not the other way around. Could’ve pushed to mid-90 at this point if I’d really wanted to.


Seriously I see the perks of starting over, yet, the base shown above restructured now and properly built should be more than good to go from 150ish onwards.

Level 30 is about a month, 100 about a bit less than a year from my experience with elite only. These level 20 towers all together won’t even make more than 1-2 levels difference once the base hits 200.


The damage will only be undone early 300s.

If they are that slow in leveling, it is even better to start over. Else they will never catch-up.

They can always run two accounts and switch later. I have a level 71 alt that is e2p that has less than 3 months on it; and its played VERY casually. Perhaps its merely a min-max thing, who knows

But different strokes for different folks, generally if they are happy being mediocre-base level then by all means continue.

Perhaps to clarify so I don’t sound like a complete dick, generally if you don’t mind having a base that gets seen as the free kill in every war, then dont worry about it. Just correct your trajectory and in a few years you will have a good base. If you want a base that gets underestimated, and takes down dragons of higher tiers, perhaps consider restarting


Not really. most of the OP’s towers are under level 20. to build a level 20 tower it only gives you 33.2k exp. meaning 3 level 20 towers gives the same exp as 1 level of higher level tower (above 50). So to bench 6-10 towers they wont be loosing that much wasted Exp.

To put it further into context. at level 198 it takes 100k exp per level. so by level 200 the OP would only be 2-3 levels behind if they scrap the extra towers now… And starting over would likely but them just as many levels behind (plus whatever research/dragon progress the OP would loose by starting over)


That is simply not true. There are levels where you have to have about 10 towers maxed to get your storage updated. Those towers then become irrelevant.

For example if I look at this old shot from Coach (which I assume is not a bad base):

You see a level 29 canon and level 26 archer in the back. Only reason those towers have been leveled was to get enough xp for storage upgrades. The OP will be able to have that exact layout at that level, except the level 26 and 29 (and maybe the 39) in the back will not be leveled as much.


Thats great, so she can have that base at 182

Yet if she started over she could have it at 160 ish

So mediocre or great, your choice


Er… how do you get level 44 towers at level 160ish? They require 1.07M lumber, which needs a base level 175 storage.


ok fine nitpick away, simply escalate the stupid levels up where you don’t get capped by storage; you will still end up with a base that is proportionately weaker than you could get if you designed a base properly.


But hey, what do I know.


You keep saying that despite it obviously not being true. I have explained why and you haven’t refuted a single thing. You’re welcome to keep trolling away but I hope the OP will realise this base is fixable and won’t start over.


Well to be fair, you are nit picking lol

Gox isn’t wrong in that relative to level starting over will produce a better base. But i do agree with you, the OP’s base isn’t so far gone where that is needed.


Just answer this:

1.If the op didnt build the crap s/he did; would they be able to have had higher level towers that are useful

yes / no

  1. If the op then did in fact have higher level towers that were useful, isntead of in storage / back of base, would the base level for level, be stronger if rebuilt, than at what s/he currently has for matching level

yes / no

  1. If the op decides to " fix" it per your statement, and eventually gets to say level 250. Would the “fixed” base be weaker than if they had restarted and not had a single wasted tower?

yes / no

End of discussion