I need help redesigning base (if I should or not)


Everyone doesn’t play in Diamond Gox


And if they did, the base would correct itself by the time the base got to be a level of consequence. :slight_smile:


I’ll crunch some numbers here in a bit and give my opinion :upside_down_face:


my numbers above arn’t good enough for you Mechengg?


At level 150+, a clear no.

Storage caps will force you to build out regardless of how perfect you do it, just to get your XP up enough to uncap your front 5. When you are at level 150, you will have your front 5 capped regardless. You just have 20 useless level 20 towers instead of 5 useless level 28s.


yes, which is why i said if they happy with a mediocre base its fixable, if they want to min-max they should restart.

I’m not saying “it cannot be fixed”, all I was saying is if they want the strongest base they can have for a certain level, then its still easy to fix now by restarting, if they wait till they are level 200 and it turns out they are someone that wants to be a diamond player that wants to min-max, then its a very expensive exercise then, while its fairly (relatively) insignificant now.

To clarify they could probably still get a very decent base at nearly 90% of max power from where they are now, but its simply 90 vs 100. Its not the be all or end all;

I offered an opinion, and got some rubbish back that it can be “undone” by level 140. This is simply not true.

It can be compensated for, but it will always be weaker level for level until very very late 300s


Nah, at least we all agree on something.

  1. There is something wrong with the base in OP.
  2. The solution is either restart (requires 2 - 12 more months to return to current level) or start the fix now (will need at least lv 170+ to fix the base, while overleveled by several level until certain level, which even higher).


I see your point here Gox… BUT in your level 250 example.

Existing base at level 250 would indeed be weaker than a rebuild at 250. BUT in a rebuild the OP would be 4-6 months behind and the base would only be 2-3 behind. And i am guessing those same 2-3 levels wouldn’t take 6 months to make up the difference.


Sigh. But you could have had 5 USEFUL level 28s. Thats the point; dont snapshot “level x”

There never needs to be a single wasted tower, the op has many (eg. 6 cannons). The level “x” 5 level 28s, turns into 5 level 60s. No base ever needs 6 cannons.


Your ratio is kinda skewed. It could be way better than 5 lev 28 towers. And as Gox said, useful at that.
Check this excerpt from Mechengg’s base building guide:




I get what @Gox1201 is saying and I also get what @Morreion is saying. However almost ZERO players in the game have a perfect base. I know mech is building one with his alt.

The OP base is salvageable. I started work on mine in the 50s and I’m only 1-2 levels above mechs perfect base guide posted above. That’s almost perfect and frankly good enough. Just my 2c


“trust, but verify”

Also I missed them :grin:


I was just correcting the five "lev 28 towers " part. Just being nitpicky.
Btw i have a lev 70 perfect base for alt :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
If you see above, i was against Gox’s idea of restarting .


Why the farms get back to level 39 at 173?


Yeah that was a typo :disappointed:


Sounds good. You really think id be making such a statement if i couldnt back it up? Not trying to brag either, just saying power is a distraction and personally i dont make my judgements off power.

Then why would u love to see it happen?


I don’t know you but generally talk is cheap and many people have made such statements and been less than accurate.

Curiosity about your ability to do what you say. Also entertainment and curiosity about if my base has a weakness I’ve not seen. (Id be moving a blue mage just prior to your attack since almost nobody is a threat using Hau anymore)

Also curious what this third dragon is you speak of. I assume Hau, Frostbiter… I assume you don’t mean a divine based on how you implied otherwise.


Gotcha, well i may mess up or need another try. That happens sometimes…try not to rip my head off for an error.

Nec, hau, and spindra


Close to 1 year yes. I haven’t spent a dime on this game and don’t plan on it either