I need help redesigning base (if I should or not)


So many way to argue lol

Just have fun, there is a counter to everything…

:::Anticipation overload:::



How original eh?

Either way it’s exactly as per my base building guide so far, but i haven’t moved it out islands because i’ve been so inactive on it. Maybe level 58ish right now?


Oh ok i gotcha, well you know i respect you and your work but you also know ima have to test it out one day :wink:


My alt has 4 level 1 towers in storage that was used for testing, quests and stalling time for lag (2 ballistas, 1 ice flak, 1 lightning). Basically. But not perfect :joy:


You’re just going to have to find a way to live with yourself for the extra 4 XP you have. Tsk Tsk :man_facepalming:


I am considering ice flak and trash the concept of so called perfect base
I can’t experiment on other’s bases as much as i want to


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