I need more levels! 😱

Hi I’ve never done a post before but hey ho here goes. Does anyone remember a long time ago the wall for levelling? I think it was 400 when it got really hard to gain many levels, well I’ve been stuck in the mid 500s forever it feels like. I’ve caught up the 2 last tiers with ease and now I’m kinda in a rut. I see some teams who only want players 600+ and I look longingly at them and think it’s gonna be a very long wait. I’m by no means “end game”, hell I’m looking to spend a ton again this season on research but I just wondered if PG had considered making it easier for people to progress a bit quicker nowadays in fort :sweat_smile: I could be well off on how others feel , unfortunately I can never have enough timers so maybe that’s just my problem. Just curious on people’s thoughts on this. Thanks for reading :upside_down_face:

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But once you start spending a ton, you’ll always have enough timers.


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Aha bad choice of wording, I don’t spend as in real money :sweat_smile: I gave up on investing a long time ago sadly. I can’t refuse the drug of atlas elite though sadly


There isn’t really a wall as such anymore, just a gradual increase in the amount of building you need to do to gain a level.


Those last few levels to get to 600 are rough :joy:. Then you pass 600 and it’ seems easier again.


This graph looks way different if you go up to 800 instead of 1000.

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That better?


Ah never mind, that is xp per level. Still no wall though, but the increase is indeed exponential.

When there was still a wall you’d see a sharp bend in that graph at 300.


Looking at the other side of the equation, the XP/tower level is stuck at 106k since base level 214. The number of base levels/tower level from 139 to 140 is 6, the highest since level 82 to 83, and the moving average of the last 5 base levels/tower level is the highest since base level 420.

This means the number of towers required to have max levels is increasing, as in Morreion’s Base development tab. The numbers at the high end go down when new tower levels are released, but not enough. Unless all the extra towers are wood based, we have to maintain more and more ember and electrum towers. Oh the days of 3 flaks and barely hanging on: when-to-build-another-flak-tower. The electrum sigil line does help: if you forgo all the timers (ouch), you get 200k electrum (compare 278k needed for one new electrum tower).

Big spenders have always been favored, which is fair enough: they can have a full base of maxed towers. However, spending beyond E2P will be more favored for the minimum number of maxed towers, if ember and electrum towers are sprinkled in. With exponentially increasing XP/base level, constant XP/tower level, and constant or increasing base levels/tower level, it’ll get much worse.

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I finally reached lv600 last Fortification. Took me 5 years. So yeah it’s a long trek LOL.

Well what’s actually relevant is the trek to 575 when you get maxed dragons and towers isn’t it. Everything else after that is kinda just a bonus.

If all you want is to go up levels quickly, build towers only up to L75 and then store them. At L76 the timer cost increases from 4D to 36. Just be mindful that your DP won’t increase.

Update: PG upped the tower levels so there is a an additional cheap building levels.


Leveling isn’t a problem on my part but hey if this game is hard to level you have no idea what a huge level wall is and what is harder to level.