I Need Serious Help Please PG

Ok so first of all, There is this team that had beef with us because they thought we were rude to one of our members that joined them and then we proved we weren’t ok, and now all he does is spam attack us and he called me the N word several times have proof of his racism and then they send someone into our team and he managed to get officer and kick everyone is there anything you can do about this I have all the proof please and thank you :sob:

Nothing illegal has been done, what should PG do about it ?

this made me laugh… that sucks though. Leader will just need to invite everyone back, not much else you can do.

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block him, thats what the block button is for. Or just ignore his mails.

Kicking people isn’t against the TOS. Racial slurs and bullying definitely is though. Have you made a support ticket for this?


Hacking and digital trespassing is punishable from a Class B misdemeanor to a Class B felony.

Have leader kick the officer, try and get the team members back, then spam attack that officer and old member till the end of time

The harassment sure. Send a report in

The rest is just poor management allowing him get to officer. ESPECIALLY if he was doing that. Officers have the power to kick people. Don’t give someone the power you don’t trust

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How do I make a support ticket I’m not sure how to and would appreciate if you teach me how to

No hacking has happened. That is irrelevant

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We were under false aknowledgement that he was helping us it’s complicated

A ticket likely wont do anything. as i said, ignore and/or block.

Well blocking doesn’t solve all issues there is 5 people in my team now

who said he hacked?

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I really really really hope this isn’t a whole drama scene with CFR (name abbreviated so only the OP knows them) yet again.

ya you need to invite everyone kicked back. PG can’t force them back on.

Someone did

well i need to say this, ABBREVIATION DENIED!!!


That’s another issue I try to send message and invite back and it’s saying I’ve sent to much mail

promote someone else to help you invite all back? that is annoying, i didn’t know it limited how many mails you can send