I need support in atlas

My troops count down clock has frozen I have tried contacting support but the one person says nothing is wrong. @PGJared I don’t know who to contact as I’m new to the forums. I have provided them picture proof they have been frozen all day. The lady said there wasn’t a known issue and my troop clocks were functioning as intended lol

One out of 3 slots is working now lol

Maybe they’re can solve your prob… @mechengg @pgEcho @TheRedDelilah

Or move your thread to Atlas sub forums

That definitely doesn’t sound good at all! Could I get your ticket number please?

Only the left side slot counts down

Eg its a queue - eg if you make 3 sets of troops, the first set has to complete, before the second one starts counting down, etc.


This :point_up:

It is a queue just like the forge. They don’t all build concurrently.

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