I need to make alts very quickly

Just like the topic says, I just need to make a bunch of alts as quick as possible. I only need to get them to around lvl40. What is the quickest way to do this? Base layout, dragons, nothing matters. These alts will not be used for anything other than fillers.

You cannot make more then one account on one device. So I hope u have a lot of devices ! :flushed:

:roll_eyes: stares at mini
Thought it’s not related to Base Building.

just build as many towers as possible


I think OP will still need to breed too.
@SadistKingRigr are you doing it for Phweeeeeeeemp?


neonWD says you would only need purple hut eggs to get to lvl 40, then do the actual breeding and base building later if you want


What :woman_shrugging:t2: I thought u couldn’t create more then one accounts on same device…

Care to tell us why you “need” them?

You can, but you risk having your main account corrupted

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I assume a lot of people are fixing to leave his/her team, or a lot getting kicked. Sounds like that atleast. But I’m interested as well :eyes:

If you create alts, you can put them all on one device but keep your main on a separate device. Always protect your main.

And to answer your question, depends on why you need them … level 6 is the minimum to join your team and level 25 is the minimum for Atlas. Just saying there’s no need to get to 40 to annoy your enemies with one troop prims. :partying_face:


Ah gotcha :slight_smile: thanks!

I do wish for my alt’s level to be displayed in my main
Strong lv 13 :sunglasses:


If you’re doing this for free probably building a ton of low level towers to reduce the number of breeding and utility structure hurdles you have to jump. I would just open a fort planner and run some scenarios.

I made a new alt recently and it took weeks to get to 25, but that’s partly because playing alts is deadly to me. You don’t have many timers so you’re living from one event prize, bronze chest, and monument drop to the next until you get to 25 and get Atlas, after which it probably gets easier.

Level 40 sounds like it’s about referral rewards rather than team filler?


Partly these will be used for crafting timers, but they will mostly be used to help fill empty spots on teams across our alliance. I will be using a completely separate device for these than what I use for my main.

The one thing you will need is a unique email for each of these alts, otherwise you won’t be able to log back into them after changing to a different alt account.


Thought you can’t logout after completing tutorial, without email?

I have no idea. I haven’t actually tried it :sweat_smile:

I run my own email server at home, so emails are no issue for me.

Phweemp. Duh.