I need veteran tips for next fortification

So im so far ahead with my breeding that i now came to a point where i will be stuck if i dont do a serious push. I have two different scenarios in my head and wanna know what you guys think.

My builders hut i locked due to not having Obsidian eggs (which i will get from breeding Estril, but i need level 280 to be able to breed Estril). Or i could simply breed some eggs but i currently not having enough tokens or even levels on my Rhyo to get them.

So basically, im in a position where i have following choices next fort event:

  1. Just do a few upgrades and settle with level 260 at best, this will put me in a situation where i wont be able to breed anything the next breeding event more than some research eggs and some Obsidian eggs for my hut which could help me push for level 280 in my second fort event this season.

  2. i do a heavy push for level 280. But if i do this i will only be able to upgrade a few towers on my kill island and to be able to reach level 280 i would need to upgrade one of my red mage near my farms from level 41-56 which is my max tower level due to being hut locked. I would also need to build my first Lightning tower from level 1-56.

I am pushing for a Mythic dragon this season so if i choose scenario 1 i will hurt my sigil income from making a bad breeding event, but i do believe i should be able to get my mythic anyways as long as they dont release a really good exotic rune i need.

Because i cant attack my self i cant get a battle screen of my base layout, but i play in PeritusDraconi if anyone needs to check my base out.

Am i missing a third option or what do you think? what would you have done if you wore my shoes ?

Depends on the parents. Lv 280 is required to hatch Estril, not to breed him.

May I know which path you’re following?
e.g. I used S Rhyo 2, and overbred Lokan.

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Im on Red´s best.
I will need Rhyo + Hedran to breed Estril, which i already have. But to breed Estril i will need Breeding castle + Incubator at level 12 and that requries me to be level 280 to upgrade those buildings.

Rhyo + Hedran means Obsidian parents, thus lv 11 castle. No need for incubator yet.
Captured from Red’s best.


No you don’t.

You need that incubator to hatch Estril, and that castle to use him as a parent. Neither is needed to breed the egg.

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oh, cool. Thanks guys!

I where very nervous! :wink: Now i can push for level 280 in two fortifications events without worrying about next breeding event :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


i was checking dragon manager for estril which says level 280 (didnt check reds guide close enough). But i now understand Estril needs level 280 to be hatched, not to breed.


hmm so what level is required to breed estril? (if not 280)

uhm found it by myself. 220 is lowest one.

Breeding does not have a level requirement at all. You can breed abyssals at level 1 technically, as long as you can find two red dragons that have abyssal offspring.

So practically it’s whenever you can get the parents to breeding level.


i would say not technically, but theoretically, as there is no 2 reds in game currently who gives you abyssal as product ; )
but yes, i got you here.
I was more interested in real scenario level though , based on current possibilities and dragon available in game

Yeah I just meant there is no specific “breedable from” number you can look for, like you do have for things like hatching dragons, using dragons as parents, building towers etc. The only limitations are indirect via the availability of parents. And it means that if you have the parents at breeding level, you can do the breed, no other surprises there.

i’d personally keep my own pace if i were in your shoes. piling up egg tokens for later tiers. -not like i’m gonna be sacrificing more than 1 breeding events even if i don’t push for 280 anyways.

Looking at the timers cost on your fort planner, before going for huge upgrading, i would really focus on researches for building construction speed as well as training your atlas defensive rider (use it for CG swap) to get the 12% discount. From 238 to 280, it would cost you 1400 days instead of 2000 which is quite significant. Timers will soon be your limiting rss. As a comparison, you can only claim 106 days in the base boost branch

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Solid advice from Bran!
-Platinum research
-Defensive rider during for for 12% reduction


His cost looks like 1250 days of timers? That’s not terrible. I recently spent over 1600 to go from 222 to 280 with maxed construction reduction. Definitely max it if you don’t have it, but …idk where you get 2000 or how you can tell he doesn’t have the benefits.

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Ye and that cost is also calculated that I upgrade my farms a lot! In case the mythic rune would be good upcoming fortification.

I have the 12% Atlas rider and all researches except platinum. So I’m in a good spot with my timers. Being active in atlas most certainly help :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:

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Sorry, I didn’t properly read your fort planner :man_facepalming:
I steal recommend plat discount in research

you stole someone else’s recommendation?


I’ve been constantly researching since I started this game and I’m actually already on my way to research construction in platinum. Still have a few ones to do first (23 days) before platinum construction is done. But those 5% ain’t game breaking in a decision whether or not I’m making a big push.

After I realized i don’t need level 280 to breed Estril (only to hatch :hatching_chick:) I made an easy choice to aim for level 280 in the next two fortification events instead of a big push in the first one.

I’ve heard from many players in this the forum, timers will be the big deal as players level up. From what level did timers start to get more important than egg tokens when doing atlas rider quests for you ?


Rider quests have incredibly bad timers compared to tokens, so as a 436 I still run two riders on tokens (4/5 star), and only one on 5 star timers. I did switch my balloon to timers as soon as I could, would have done that at 330 or do had the option existed. Basically as soon as I had my harbinger builder hut covered.

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