I need your help, what Egg is this?

I habe checked my gold egg inventory and I have at least 1 of everything, this Easter egg is hiding, can you help me?

Might be worth checking your gold egg research to see if it shows the same thing. If it does it may be your error. If it doesn’t then definitely log a ticket. It could be something silly like a visual bug

They are gold, I’m almost like you :blush:

Which gold egg? I have checked my gold inventory and I have all that I can see, yet I have zero of these.

the eggs of the golden dragons, not eggs already raised, if not leftovers, when you are in the hatchery trying to incubate some golden lineage, because when you get 4 complete repeats will be added, sorry for my English so bad, I do not know if you understood🤔

Ohh that makes more sense. These are extra eggs not hatched ones. So you’d need to breed dragons you’d already unlocked in order to get duplicate eggs. It’s usually best to breed the cheapest gold dragons you can for easy eggs


You are confusing hatched with extra eggs perhaps? When you start hatching higher classes within gold, you’ll get extra eggs from the combination until you hatch the dragon you want.

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So which gold Dragon does that egg belong to?

None. It can be any gold egg.

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No dragon, it is just a generic egg


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That’s only when you hatched all gold dragons that MIGHT be worth

It’s worth noting that if you breed a dragon you don’t yet have - you can’t accidently use it to upgrade the builders hut or in research.
It’s only ‘spare’ or duplicate eggs that get spent as currency.


This “gold” eggs are the same eggs you use for research.
Like the research as you move along, you will also need Platinum, Sapphire, Garnet and so forth to upgrade your Builders Hut.

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It would be good if PG would put the name of the eggs you would need to upgrade the Builders Hut

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I thought it was fairly obvious. Though the gold ones sometimes look a bit green. If you had platinum eggs for your previous step, you’re not suddenly going to be using eggs from the blue tier :woman_shrugging:


There should be an ask rss button there. If you click it, it will tell you what eggs you need (though it’s a copied message to Team Chat)

Yeah you are right, but it would be more convinient to find the egg you right there.

Yeah thats logical. But we need those graphics designer busy on something rather than tweaking again the UI.

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