I purchased a pack but not appear in my account



please help…i purchased a pack but not credited on my account


The first thing you need to do is submit a ticket in game telling them this. Hopefully they can get it resolved for you.


i dont know how to submit


Follow these steps. If you can’t submit a ticket this way you can look up your pocket ID on this page:

And use that to log into this site: https://wardragons.zendesk.com/hc/en-us and you can submit a ticket outside the game.


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i completed all this step on direct link


If you have submitted your complaint about not properly receiving the items you have paid for, now all you can do is wait. If it takes support too long to respond to your request, or they keep ignoring you, trying messaging @Arelyna or @PGCrisis with the ticket number (which can easily be found on the website version) and ask what they can do to help you. I would avoid messaging PGJared as he is usually quite busy and has a lot on his plate, so it would likely be some time before he would be free to help you.

But I would wait probably about a week from when you submitted the ticket to ask Arelyna or PGCrisis for help (if support is proving to be unhelpful). Sometimes support does get busy and backed up.

Also it would be handy to have screenshots of the receipt of your purchase as proof that you did in fact pay for the pack or item that never made it onto your account :hugs:


Liz, why the Pocket ID?


and that can be found here:


Because it’s been a long time since I first logged into the web support portal and you only need the ID the first time you log in. I forgot which piece of data was needed :sweat_smile:

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