I recently picked up the game, and how far can I realistically get on a branch?

I’m level 59, with 4 divines under my belt, and a pretty short base. I’m decently active, 1-2 hours a day, and I just started the game again, so I have 600 sigils from some bronze chests and as a gift from PG. How far should I be able to get down the divine hunter branch, and how can I maximize my sigil gain? Any and all advice is welcome!

Short route
With proper amount, guaranteed finished branch, or even the mythic.

Long route.
Grind bronze chests, open Gold during PvP when you have more (110 for about average drop)(Fort only for Ember).
Half a branch at most.


Grind grind grind during events for bronze and gold chests, save them up for 2 seasons, then you’ll be able to get a mythic on your third season. :rofl: tried that myself with a brand new account just to prove it to my ex-teammates without spending other than elites. -now used as a lesser active alt in a lower league atlas team. :grin:

Probably best to save rubies and chests for next season.

Generally first 2 weeks of a fresh season is half price.

As others said you will be lucky to hit half a tree.

Should I try to get a few stones on the divine hunter? I hear he’s really good. Or should I just grind to save up for next season? Thanks for your input!

Depends on your roster atm.
If they’re good enough to take you to next seaso, saving up won’t hurt, provided that you have enough rss to perform well this season.

Otherwise, I’d advise to get one.

Because you said you already have 4 Devine dragons and you r at low level I would actually recommend you get a rider or the howitzer tower branch and save as much as you can for next season so you can get the discount branch.
Howitzer branch is good because of the amount of timers and will help you grow fast.
The rider is good because it’s the best value for sigil spend in gold chests and a rider increase the potential of dragon alot.
You decide what’s is more important to you

I would say focus on the howitzer branch solely due to the timers contained in it. Or base boost for the embers/timers. Maybe that’s an unpopular opinion.

But you say you already have 4 divines, so just ride those for a season or two

How far are you with each of the Divines?

For your level, I’d recommend trying to get at least the gold or platinum evo stone for your favorite divine and save as many rubies as you can to get a good start on the next season’s discount branch.

If you have an idea of how many sigils you tend to get per event, you can can check Morreion’s spreadsheet here on to see what prizes you would be able to afford:

For maximizing sigil gain, it’s always good to plan ahead for events and save resources. Then there’s Orca’s suggestion:

whale it or grind it.
If there’s a whale, there’s a way… no wait, that’s not how the quote goes

i’m pretty sure that’s how the quote goes. :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:

I have a platinum gunnar, a gold Kullecid, an orange morak, and a orange haku
All of my divines are at level 2. Thanks for your reply!

At this point save. It’ll do you better for next season.

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