I suggest Adding level displayed on building

I think it’s a good idea to have the building level displayed while you are doing a hit or defending. For defending I think it’s very important since you don’t really know on what building you should use your super shots and other buffs.
While hitting it’s not a must but that would make it easier for backup to prepare and plane the hit backup


Lead attacker should study the base to learn levels
Backup can click on each tower to display the level individually when watching lead
Teammates should know approximate building levels of their teammates for bases where this will actually matter

I definitely don’t think that it’s advisable to include the levels of towers, it should be on the attacker to pre-plan accordingly.
But i can see on defense that the functionality to display tower levels as being important. It’s your teams base, you should have the visual advantage


It is possible to learn each of the 49 other team bases layout by heart but it looks to me as to much work and very hard to remember also some team have alot of movement of players. I just think it would be easier

If you are in a team for a long time you kind of get used to your teammates bases, but I think the idea is good overall.

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a Team can also impose a certain layout on player bases, that way every1 is on the same page and knows which island to defend

How about tweaking your suggestion?
Instead of displaying level numbers, towers have visual evolution on the early levels. That should happen after every 10 levels, for example.

Edit: nvm scratch that

Sorry i have to bold this section again.

If you are in gold/platinum, there are what, 2 bases on the team that actually matter?
If you are in sapphire there are what, 10 bases and you have probably been on the team for a long while with a dedicated core group?
In diamond there are what, 15/20 bases depending on your team, they probably know how to build their bases for defense and you probably know quite a bit about proper defending so this shouldn’t be an issue at all.

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A grey triple cannon would be better than a grey double cannon. A horned dragon Flak would be better than a gecko head flak…

I think they have implemented this…

Yeah, but the tower appearance doesn’t change again after level 20 or so (can’t remember exactly). They’re all the gold-looking designs no matter how far up you go. :t_rex:

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@OrcaFrost :wink:

This hits the nail on the head.

No offense to the OP but many players often come up with bandaid suggestions and sooner than later we will play a raw matrix style game where it’s all about numbers.

But it’s actually PG being lazy and not coming up with new tower designs. I don’t want to see numbers on top of towers that will look the same for the next 5 years, it’s really boring to see the same towers for years.

PG needs to deliver and seriously improve, it’s laughable that all they do is edit a table and add lvl63 tower data and literally nothing changes and yet people throw money at them. For what? Slightly tweaked stats?

Why no new designs or new supershots or new defender skills? Because offering new Flaks with a premium currency makes more money I guess.
Come on!


Even if it’s just a recolor of them to indicate which tier they belong to (green bezel for green tier, orange bezel for orange, etc)
That would be just fine by me


Possible yeah but with teammates moving towers and leveling them it’s a bit hard :joy:

I’ve been playing with some teammates for a year some almost 2 years and have no idea what level the towers are.

But what I do it seems to help for most bases, quickly scan through them find the important islands like Rage or kill island and focus on those :+1:
I do agree on defense but not for the attacker

I don’t like the recolor solution, because it’s hard to see towers under red mages with ice turrets buffs and armor/weapon boosts.

That’s fair

Can little tweaks and details be seen instead through the same AOE’s that red mages give off?

I’m honestly not sure without looking at some pictures of different angles. But, I think it could be done.

Just replace the towers with piles of cash that keep growing every 10 levels. :money_mouth_face::rofl:

EDIT: Something that hasn’t been mentioned is Perch levels. Always fun to find out when someone has built okay towers and a massive perch, that you didn’t notice, that keeps getting healed by farms. You also can’t see dragon levels/tiers on perch’s as well.

You can view which dragon is on the perch in the attack mode view :slight_smile:

You can’t tell what tier Divine dragons are at, on perches. Which got me one time when I ran into a expert Sage, while flying Sapphire or Garnet dragons. It’s been awhile since that happened.