I suggest PG adds stats

Yes this has been discussed before,but add stuff like how much wars a player missed lol, how much he/she did so we know the ratio. That way you better your chances on accepting flakes into your clan for them to leave in the middle of a war.

Also add average time played weekly doesn’t have to be daily, so you know who’s be on 3 minutes for the week or who’s a bloody vampire & been up 24/7.

I feel these 2 right here is very important because Wardragons revolves around WARS & CONTRIBUTION. Obviously when events happen we see you contributes what, that’s awesome but now it’s time to get a bit personal.

Just opinions, hope someone else had the same ideas. I did read others to add other stuff but we don’t need profiles getting crowded. Just simple stuff.

This is still open:

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@moderators close?

i would like to see a counter for the last time a player has log in.

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